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About Alphabet Puzzles For Toddlers
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What is Alphabet Puzzles For Toddlers?

The Alphabet Puzzles and Games app is designed to teach the alphabet to children under five with fun, interactive, and colorful activities

The app uses cards containing puzzles and letter recognition challenges to stretch your child's knowledge of the alphabet.

This app has two levels of activities, based on the user's progress with basic literacy skills. Level One has consists of ten introductory cards, while the twenty-six cards in Level Two are more advanced and incorporate some basic reading skills.

While an effective learning add, the scope of this app is fairly brief and it won't retain its challenge for long. The Alphabet Puzzles and Games app is best for younger children and toddlers, who may enjoy more repetitive activities and benefit most from its educational content.

Some reviewers have reported its use in English as a Second Language exercises, where the Alphabet Puzzles and Games app was used to provide a basic introduction to letters and sounds in American English.

The Alphabet Puzzles and games app teaches through preset activities, and does not dynamically generate new puzzles or challenges. Once the thirty-six cards are exhausted, the app starts to lose replay value rapidly.

Is Alphabet Puzzles For Toddlers safe for my kids?

The Alphabet Puzzles app is safe for children. The educational content of the app is intended for children between the ages of three and five, with a simple interface and clear feedback for younger learners. As the material is fairly basic, there is certainly a shelf life for this app – but the app's content is entirely safe for kids.

To make the best use of the Alphabet Puzzles and Games app, your child will need some very basic electronics handling skills:

  • Basic touchscreen interactions
  • Following basic verbal prompts within an app

Parents should know that the version of this app we reviewed has known stability issues, and may freeze or crash during use. Users are sometimes reported to get stuck after the first few rounds of play and the developers have not yet issued updates to correct the issue. It may require an adult to reset the app once in awhile.

Parents may want to keep in mind the American Society of Pediatrics recommendations for screen-based entertainment, including television and electronic games. Parents of children eighteen months of age and younger are advised to avoid electronic entertainment entirely.

This guidance specifically exempts online learning activities, such as homework, and it is at the parent's discretion whether the Alphabet Puzzles and Games app qualifies for this exemption. 

For maximum benefit, consider making the app a small group activity with your youngest children. This will better prepare them for learning advanced literacy skills, or for engaging with more challenging educational apps.

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