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About Transformers: RobotsInDisguise
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What is Transformers: RobotsInDisguise?

Transformers: Robots in Disguise lets kids role-play as Transformers during the war against the Insecticons. As players battle against and defeat increasingly challenging bug villains, they collect coins which can be used to upgrade and customize their Transformers.

Players have the option to select a Transformer teammate (controlled by an AI) to play alongside them, and each Transformer can transform into its classic vehicle mode.

Additional playable characters can be unlocked either by in-game achievements or by scanning the Autobot/Decepticon symbol on the chest plate of a Transformers toy from the 2015 series of toys. Scanned toys will be temporarily unlocked as playable characters. 

Is Transformers: RobotsInDisguise safe for my kids?

Transformers: Robots in Disguise is safe for mature kids and pre-teens. There are no inappropriate pop-ups or content. Tapping and swiping are the only gamer controls required making it easy to learn and play.

Although users can play alongside a Transformer teammate, but their sidekick is powered by the app.

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