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About Allowance & Chores Bot Free
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What is Allowance & Chores Bot Free?

Allowance & Chores Bot is an app for managing household tasks while teaching children about the value of savings and budgeting. Using a game-like interface, you and your children will be able to set up, price, and pay for the completion of chores on a customized schedule.

You can only manage one chore schedule and one child with the free version of the Allowance & Chores Bot app, but you can still make use of all the app's features. The paid version allows you to track multiple children and schedules, with options to password-protect the accounts of individual children. 

Each child using the app can be set up to receive either a periodic, fixed allowance – in daily, weekly, or monthly increments – or upon completion of chores, like a contractor. “Big jobs” can still be priced separately if your children are on a periodic allowance structure, supporting a mixture of the two strategies.

When setting up an individual chore, you can configure it to repeat on either a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. Parents have the additional option of making the completion of some or all chores on a child's list a requirement for the payment of a periodic allowance, or pricing out individual jobs as optional 'overtime' for ambitious savers. 

Kids can see what chores need to be done and check them off when completed, while receiving optional chore reminders without having to open the app.

While the app is geared towards chore management, it can also be used as a tool to teach kids about saving and budgeting money. Users can easily check how much they've saved, what they've spent, and how. 

Using the Allowance Graph, they can make user-friendly projections of future savings based on their earning and spending habits. This allows children to explore the outcomes of financial responsibility in a safe, manageable environment, while learning the rewards of hard work and responsible spending.

Android users can automatically sync their Allowance & Chores Bot account across multiple devices, with the option to password-protect parental access as well as the accounts of individual children. No third-party service or additional setup is required.

Is Allowance & Chores Bot Free safe for my kids?

Allowance & Chores Bot is absolutely safe for children. Content is completely parent-controlled and the app requires no public release of personal information to use. 

Children will need certain basic skills to make appropriate use of the Allowance & Chores Bot, including familiarity with more complex touchscreen interfaces and elementary-level literacy and numeracy. Older children, able to read graphs and competently perform mental arithmetic, will probably get the most out of this app.

That said, the developers deserve credit for presenting kids with a relatively simple, fun way to participate in managing their own household responsibilities while learning fundamental money management skills. The Allowance Graph, in particular, is a great tool for learning the value of saving money.

The Allowance & Chores Bot app is well designed and easy to use, for both parents and children.

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