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About Angry Birds
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What is Angry Birds?

Angry Birds is the first game in Rovio's very popular Angry Birds franchise, where players use logic, physics, and a handful of birds with special powers to knock down the structures inhabited by cartoon pigs. 

Each level requires timing, experimentation, and creativity to solve. A level is won when a player 'pops' all the pigs without using the level's supply of birds.

However, the game is not all about physics and trajectories. Players of all ages are kept engaged by the cute characters and fun, bouncy music.

Each bird has its own unique powers, which the player has to master in order to knock down the pigs' increasingly elaborate defenses. Stars are awarded for clearing the level with the fewest birds – and the most collateral destruction possible.

New levels and cinematic sequences are unlocked by earning a target number of stars. Each 'chapter' is organized around a theme, typically a US holiday such as Halloween, Christmas, or even St. Patrick's Day.

The puzzles and scoring system of Angry Birds build a lot of replay value into this app. Even after a player solves a given level, they are encouraged to return and come up with increasingly efficient, higher-scoring solutions. Players can revisit previously cleared levels as many times as they wish via the level selection screen.

Angry Birds won numerous industry awards, including, “Best Game App” and “App of the Year” (UK Appy Awards, 2011). Angry Birds currently holds the record for most days as the most-downloaded app on the Apple App Store, having held the number one spot for 275 days.

Is Angry Birds safe for my kids?

The Angry Birds app is safe for kids, but parents who don’t want their children subjected to any type of violence, cartoon or otherwise, may want to bypass this game. There is no blood or realistic gore, but pigs 'pop' when struck and disappear in a puff of smoke.

The franchise has increased the encouragement of in-app purchases. While the original game was fairly straightforward, newer versions are more aggressive about promoting in-app purchases. Purchases may be tempting for kids because they make difficult levels easier and speeds up advancement through the game. 

Angry Birds 2 offers players the ability to buy upgraded birds, more powerful slingshots, or even the ability to automatically 'win' a level by deploying earthquakes or the Mighty Eagle, who destroys the all pigs and most of the surrounding structures.

The more recent games in the franchise are almost entirely built around driving in-app purchases, but even the original Angry Birds app now features constant offers for players to upgrade their birds, buy additional chances to clear a level, or skip challenges entirely with the Mighty Eagle. As of the most current version, there is no option to bypass or opt out of these offers.

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  • Zift U.

    Enjoy this game, clean fun.

  • Mike K.

    Fun app, but does bouncing birds count as violence?