Who’s out there helping to create a digital community for dads? Check out our list of the 10 best dad bloggers.

When it comes to blogs, there’s no doubt that moms receive an extra dose of attention from authors, influencers and brands alike. As a mom, I certainly appreciate this, however I can’t help but to wonder: who’s out there helping to create a digital community for dads?

As our co-parents, they need love and attention too right? (Selfishly: that would only make our jobs easier, right?)

10 Dad Bloggers to Follow

Well, with that in mind, I did some digging around and found 10 Dad Bloggers to Follow. There’s a little something for every dad—although if you’re a dad and reading this, consider what your blog-idea could add to blogging dad landscape.

Anywho, here’s a blogger for…

The expert-advice-seeking dad:

Mr. Dad – Expecting dad? New dad? Single dad? Military dad? No worries. Armin Brott has plenty of advice to offer. (Not to mention podcasts and best-selling books.) Brott’s mission is rather simple: to give dads the “tools, support and real-world support strategies to be the fathers they want to be—and their family needs them to be.” Whether it’s exploring topics such as stranger danger, addiction, sexual harassment or PTSD, Brott helps connect dads to the insight and perspectives that promise to empower and enlighten them.

The dad who happens to be gay:

Designer Daddy – Brent Almond is one dad who’s here to help make life, and fatherhood, more “informative, beautiful, meaningful or fun”—depending on what you’re looking for. His creative blog covers “dad stuff,” “design stuff,” “LGBT stuff,” and more from the perspective of a gay dad with an adopted son. In addition to sharing his “obsession” with pop culture and superheroes, as well as the occasional craft projects, Almond transparently discusses the complexities of life including racism, depression.

The Unlikely Dad – “An adoptive dad. A gay dad. Or maybe just a dad?” Tom is a father of an adopted son whom he raises with his husband, Daniel. While the focal point of the blog chronicles his family’s adoption process, he also captures the beauty and challenges of raising a young family—including love and marriage, being a working dad, and “surviving Christmas with a threenager.” Because God bless anyone who can survive life with a threenager.

The dad in need of some bro-love:

The Good Dad Project – Larry Hagner, founder of The Good Dad Project, didn’t meet his biological father until he was 30 years-old. His experience of growing up in a self-described “fatherless environment” and later becoming a father to four sons ignited a passion for fatherhood. That passion is rooted in one deep desire: to become the best version of himself so that he can help his children accomplish the same for themselves. He wanted to help other dads do the same, thus, The Good Dad Project was birthed. Through resources and tools for dads, and workshops for parents, Hagner is helping to build a strong community of fathers, one good dad at a time.  

The dad on-the-go:

Out with the Kids – The name of Jeff Bogle’s blog is exactly what it’s about: being out with the kids. A traveler, storyteller and award-winning photographer, Bogle has found a way to integrate work and life via his blog. From road trips to international flights, this is one dad who’s capturing the journey of being a father to two daughters and doing so with a dash humor and heaps of cool imagery (especially on the OWTK Instagram).

The DIY dad:

Dadand – DIY’s. How-To’s. Gadgets and tools. Recipes and families. Look no further than Pete and Marty, the creators and lifelong friends behind Dadand. Together, these two dads aim to provide “all awesome, all the time.”

The digital dad:

HighTechDad – Michael Sheehan is a husband and father of three daughters who loves writing and learning about technology. There’s no shortage of reviews, how-to’s and tips, and that’s likely because he’s one of the few people who started blogging before blogging became widespread (fyi: his first blog post was in 2005). Ahead of the game much, eh? A tech blogger has got to be.

The [wanna-be] dapper dad:

Men’s Style Pro – Sabir Peele is a husband and father with a passion for men’s style. His blog provides men with advice and tips for a knock-out wardrobe and even offers some lifestyle tidbits. Did I mention the MensStylePro Instagram is a must-follow? Not only does Peele’s son make the cutest debuts, his 61k+ followers are clearly enjoying the stylish photos he regularly serves up.

The dad of a special needs child:

That Dad Blog – Alan Lawrence is a blogging daddy describes himself as a “father of 6 amazing kids – one blessed with an extra chromosome and the ability of flight.” Lawrence’s blog chronicles the life of his son, Wil, who was diagnosed with Down Syndrome shortly after his birth in 2013.

Over the years, Alan has invited readers to witness his journey of parenting six children, particularly that of a special needs child. Using his skills as an art director and passion for photography, Alan offers compelling family photos which led to the creation an annual calendar featuring Wil flying.

The goal of the calendar is to help raise awareness about Down Syndrome; proceeds from the sales benefit Down Syndrome foundations. Calendar or not, this is one blog worth checking out and an Instagram account worth following.

The dad who’s trying to figure it all out:

How to be a Dad – The name can be a bit misleading which is right on-brand with the large dose of humor, sarcasm, and lighthearted approach to fatherhood and parenting that its creators, Charlie and Andy, offer.

How to be a Dad provides readers with two dads’ raw (and funny) commentary, experiments, challenges and more in fatherhood and marriage. P.S.: Their Instagram account is sure to leave you chuckling.