Hit the road & listen to these 10 kid-friendly podcasts.

It’s officially family road trip season!

If your family is planning to drive to a destination over 2 hours away from your home, you’re going to need some in-car entertainment. When some parents think of podcasts they don’t exactly think it’s kid-friendly entertainment, but much to my surprise, there are a ton of kid-friendly podcasts just waiting for the eager ears of your road-tripping family.

Check out these kid-friendly podcasts as you explore the world with your gang this summer.

  1. The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd
    Talk about animating with words, The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd does an awesome job of painting robust pictures of Dr. Floyd’s wacky adventures. With over 300 6-minute episodes the show provides countless hours of entertainment. If your kid loves spaceships, exploring mysterious worlds and whodunits this podcast will keep them quiet, at least for the duration of the episode.
  2. StoryCub
    StoryCub allows kids to watch video versions of the latest children’s books with or without their parent’s attention. With StoryCub, kids can hear stories read by real adults with, or without, pictures to boot. It’s great for long road trips when your toddler doesn’t understand that your hands cannot physically open their favorite book.
  3. Brains On!
    This childlike but, well-informed podcast answers questions to get your kid’s mind moving, like: What happens to your brain when you’re reading a book? Why is the ocean salty? How does a piano work? These are just some of the shows question-based topics. The host interviews kids as they explain the answers to all life’s mysteries in a youthful way. Brains On! is available on just about every podcasting platform you can think of.
  4. The Moth Podcast
    The Moth Podcast is dedicated to bringing stories from the world’s greatest storytellers into one common space. This podcast celebrates the diversity of the human experience. Podcast stories range from one man’s heartfelt experience on the traffic-hectic streets of LA to a KGB interrogation and one woman’s journey through extreme weather. If your older kids are up for hearing some otherwordly, life-transforming stories, this podcast is for you.
  5. Birth, Baby & Life Podcast
    Got toddlers? Birth, Baby & Life Podcast is straight talk for new and expectant parents. The podcast covers everything ‘new mommy’ from dealing with loneliness in the dog days of motherhood to natural birthing and breastfeeding, and understanding toddler mood swings. The episodes are very informative and can be a bit long, so don’t expect to finish listening in one sitting.
  6. Stuff Schools Don't Teach
    Teens, young adults, and mom and dad will be excited to listen to this podcast. Stuff Schools Don’t Teach gives teens and young adults a chance to catch up on life skills they may have missed out on or weren’t taught during their school years. From how to get a mentor to learn to save and budget, and history’s unsung heroes, this podcast is a hidden gem itself.
  7. Sesame Street
    When all else fails, everyone loves Cookie Monster, Maria, and even the Grouch. Sesame Street brings it’s historically dynamic programming to podcast and video via their website and iTunes. You can listen and watch the Count count to 100 or have story time with Elmo right in your car.
  8. One Bad Mother
    Get some laughs with the web’s resident bad moms with the One Bad Mother podcast. Laugh at the hilarious antics of these moms as they chuckle their way through the various stages, experiences, and emotions of motherhood.
  9. Life of Dad
    This one is for all the dads out there, especially the ones with sons. Two dads chronicle their life of video games, diapers, comic books and trying to one up their kid’s moms. Life of Dad is a great show that gives a male perspective on parenting that is often left out.
  10. Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing
    Chances are your kids may have read, or are going to read, “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing,” or one of the books in the Judy Blue series of elementary chapter books. Check out Audible to find Judy Blume’s entire series of books based on the adventures of kids from wacky families.

With all of these podcasts ready to be listened to, your next road trip should be well-informed and well-entertained by the time you reach your destination.