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YouTube Kids is the kid-friendly version of the popular YouTube app, featuring curated videos and more robust parental controls. It is free to download and use and doesn't have any in-app purchases. It does have some advertisements and is safe for kids with parental supervision.

About YouTube Kids
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What is YouTube Kids?

YouTube Kids is the kid-friendly version of the YouTube app that provides only content that is appropriate for kids as well as additional parental control features.

The YouTube Kids app is rated for users of all ages and does feature in-app advertisements. This app can be found in the App Store and the Google Play Store.

This is a music and video app based on the popular video-sharing website, YouTube. The YouTube Kids app is made specially for kids under 8 years old, and features both learning and enjoyment content.

This app is meant as an alternative to its predecessor, YouTube, which shares videos from around the world, in many different genres and age groups. YouTube kids is exclusively for childhood development, and requires parents’ involvement to register.

The learning videos on YouTube Kids include do-it-yourself projects and science experiments, games, and educational videos. There is also recreational content such as music videos and shows. Kids might recognize their favorite characters from DC Kids or Angry Birds.

Similar apps include PBS Kids Video and Amazon FreeTime. YouTube Kids has great reviews, an average 4.5-star rating, and the approval of many parents. It includes many YouTube features such as autoplay, HD video quality, compatibility with Android TV and Google Cast, and ability to create watchlists. It’s an Editor’s Choice and has over 50 million downloads.

Is YouTube Kids safe for my kids?

YouTube Kids is safe for kids, and is made for children ages 8 and under. The app gives parents plenty of control, and even has a “younger version” and “older version.”

The former is tailored to kids under 8, while the latter focuses on content that would appeal to kids between the ages of 8 and 12. The app requires parental setup, which ensures that kids are seeing mom and dad-approved shows. Some controls and permission settings include a timer for kids’ activity, ability to see watch history, search controls, and content blocking. Users can stream videos from the app onto a TV as well for family viewing.

Although controls and permissions make it one of the safest music and video alternatives for children, parents should know that this app has faced it's fair share of criticism in relation to questionable content. As such, parents should still monitor use and review the videos their children are watching.

While YouTube Kids is similar to apps like Netflix and Hulu, all the content on this app is approved by parents and suitable for younger audiences. Parents may monitor all videos and can also grant permission for kids to watch older content if they so choose.

This app can be a great way to introduce children to YouTube without exposing them to danger or mature themes. One important detail to point out is that children can still see video ads from other sites, although they should be age-appropriate.

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