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We Heart It is a social networking app that takes after other popular apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, but is geared towards a younger, teenage audience. The app is free to download, but offers various subscription packages for an ad-free experience. We Heart It can be found in both the iTunes app store and the Google Play store.

About We Heart It
In-App Purchases

What is We Heart It?

We Heart It is a social networking app in which users can browse all kinds of interesting content, such as articles, photos, videos, and much more. The app is much like Pinterest, but for a younger, teen audience. Users see the content shared or uploaded by their friends, but also have the ability to search by categories and interests for unique content that they fancy.


Users can “heart” something to tag it and save it for later. We Heart It does not allow comments on posts, as it is geared towards being safer for a younger audience.


The content on the app most often includes pictures of outfits, swimsuits, food, candles, and inspiring quotes.There are channels devoted to topics, to make content discovery easier. To organize their collection, users can create themes such as travel, food, or fashion.


Users can send messages to their friends on We Heart It, allowing them to connect and share content. The basic version is free to use and it includes all the features, but has advertisements. For an ad-free version, users can subscribe for $1.99 per month, $8.99 for 6 months, or $11.99 for a year, and all subscriptions are auto-renewing at the end of the payment period.


The app runs on both iOS and Android devices, and can be downloaded from both the iTunes app store and Google Play store. Reviewers are in agreement about the quality of We Heart It, rating the app an average of 4.6 out of 5 in the iTunes app store review section.  

Is We Heart It safe for my kids?

We Heart It is generally safe for kids in the 14 and up age group for which it is designed. The content on the app is appropriate for teenagers, with all mature references being both infrequent and quite mild, such as pictures of kissing or a girl holding a cigarette or the like.

The fact that there is no commenting on posts is a very positive thing for parents concerned about the cyberbullying and teasing that is known to occur in the comment section of Instagram and Facebook posts.

The app does have a messaging feature and it is important to be aware of this, as it could be an avenue for kids to chat outside of standard text messaging that some parents might not know about.

One concern with social sharing apps like We Heart It is the addictive nature it presents. The content is practically endless, so sinking hours that should be spent on homework or other productive activities into browsing, sharing, and “hearting” pictures and videos is very easy.

Also of concern is the presence of in-app purchases. The basic version is full featured and the app is not pushy about subscriptions, but parents should still ensure that kids are aware of the ground rules pertaining permission for such purchases.

Overall, We Heart It is a safer version of Pinterest and Instagram, but is still a social networking app that parents should keep an eye on.

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