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Uber Eats is a local food delivery app that is free to download in both the App Store and Google Play. This app is safe for older kids with adult supervision but it’s best to discuss spending, usage expectations, and safety precautions with children before allowing them to use the Uber Eats app.

About Uber Eats: Local Food Delivery
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What is Uber Eats: Local Food Delivery?

Uber Eats is a food delivery app that lets users scroll through area restaurants and order food to be delivered. Users can search for local restaurants or specific cuisines, select the item or items they wish to order, and set their delivery address. Uber Eats is free to download in both the App Store and Google Play.


Uber Eats works much like the Uber app, so users already familiar with the ride share app will be familiar with the process. When Uber Eats users open the app, they’ll see available local restaurants with thumbnail pictures they can scroll through. If a user is looking for a specific type of food or specific restaurant they can opt to use the search bar and manually type in their keyword. 

 Uber Eats users can choose to favorite their top restaurants and their order history will be saved and shown once they tap on the restaurant. Uber Eats makes it easy for users to reorder a previous order at restaurants with a quick “Reorder” button.


Once users select their menu items and go to check out they’ll see a breakdown of each item cost, plus the delivery fee, and will be offered the option to leave a tip.


When users tap on their account (icon at the bottom of screen with person), they’re able to review and change payment information, review restaurants saved to their favorites, get information about driving for Uber Eats, search for any available promotions, as well as get customer service help.


Uber Eats differs slightly from other delivery services in that users can track their delivery drivers through the app so that they know how close (or far) they are from their delivery location. And unlike other delivery services, Uber Eats drivers do not get out of their vehicles. Instead, users must meet their driver’s car on the street and collect their food items through the window.

Is Uber Eats: Local Food Delivery safe for my kids?

Parents will be interested to note that restaurants are able to set some ground rules with the service. For example, those users attempting to order food from McDonald’s will receive this message, prior to finalizing and placing their order:

McDonald’s just wants to let you know...that we don’t deliver to schools and we cannot guarantee that your food and its packaging will not come into contact with nuts or other allergens during the course of being delivered to you.

Users may opt to cancel their order or accept the disclaimer and proceed with placing their order.

The only things parents have to worry about with the Uber Eats app is whether or not their area is served by the app and whether or not they’re okay with their payment information being used for delivery, should their child decide to order food for delivery.

Additionally, Parents should be aware of the potential risks of allowing kids to interact with strangers via the delivery driver, whether that be opening your front door or meeting their driver on the street to accept your food.

The Uber Eats app is safe for older kids with adult supervision but it’s best to discuss spending and usage expectations with children before allowing them to use the Uber Eats app.

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