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What is CareZone?

CareZone is a free mobile application for tracking important medical information and care giving tasks for people taking care of a friend or loved one with chronic medical needs. Users can store health information, prescriptions and dosage schedules, and important data like social security numbers or insurance information.

The CareZone mobile app also includes features for tracking medical appointments, with optional reminders to help with consistency of care. 

Several features of this app are designed to help share care giving responsibilities smoothly across multiple people, such as contact lists, calendars, journals, and shared to-do lists. Photo and file sharing are also available, for tracking symptoms and medical records.

Access to this information is password-protected, and all health information is encrypted in storage, to maintain the privacy and security of medical information. No access to private information or usage patterns is tracked or made available to third parties.

CareZone is not strictly intended for those tasked with the ongoing medical needs of loved ones, though many of its core features are adapted to that purpose. The CareZone app is also useful for households with multiple children, or for sharing important records between parents who live separately. 

Is CareZone safe for my kids?

CareZone is designed to be a safe place to store personal information related to taking care of children and loved ones with ongoing medical needs. All information is password-protected, encrypted, and secure until access via the site or mobile app. And while this is app is safe for kids, they likely won't have much use for it.

The creators of CareZone, Jonathan Ian Schwartz and Walter Smith, have repeatedly emphasized that the personal data stored in app will never be mined or sold, and that this privacy (combined with ease of access for trusted individuals) is the most important feature of the application.

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