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TeamSpeak 3 is a voice-over-internet app for audio communication between users on a shared chat channel, similar to a telephone conference call. Providing voice communication for groups, TeamSpeak 3 costs $1.99 for Android and $4.99 for iOS users to download and use, and is rated for users ages 17 years and older.

About TeamSpeak 3 - Voice Chat Software
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What is TeamSpeak 3 - Voice Chat Software?

Allowing gamers to communicate in real-time, TeamSpeak 3 allows players to easily talk for collaborative games, while playing on the internet or through private networks.

TeamSpeak 3 is popular with the gaming community because of the rise of 3D sound effects in games, allowing players to hear the action of other players as they collaborate and work through a game in real-time.

TeamSpeak 3 connects players through servers, allowing them to communicate through the Internet or a shared network. Using an app such as this cuts down on internal communication costs, as calls are routed through servers.

From a business perspective, TeamSpeak 3 allows managers to conduct conference or team calls while on-the-go, and is especially useful for calls where employees are stationed at multiple geographical locations.

It’s important to note, however, that common user complaints include a lack of sound quality, problems with Bluetooth connection, the inability to adequately log off of the app after use, and the inability for users to use other apps in the background. Additionally, crashing and freezing is another common user complaint.

While TeamSpeak 3 can be iffy for parents to allow their gaming kids to use, it’s an excellent app group chats with family and friends. With either voice or hot key activation, user microphones will only broadcast when a user speaks or they press the hot key, respectively.

Is TeamSpeak 3 - Voice Chat Software safe for my kids?

Parents should know that TeamSpeak 3 is a communication app, most commonly used by the gaming community, to speak in real-time.

Because there are no restrictions on who a user can speak with, this is an app that parents need to review prior to allowing their child to download, register and use. This app is rated for users ages 17 years and older and is not safe for kids.

The TeamSpeak 3 app can connect children with other users across the globe, so there is the possibility for their minor to connect and communicate, through both voice and text chats, with adults and other strangers.

There is no monitoring system in place, so parents should know that their child can be exposed to profane language and adult conversations while using this app.

Those parents of Minecraft players should be aware that TeamSpeak is used to chat with other players, playing on the same game server. On unmoderated Minecraft servers, player conversations can vary widely, as well as player age, and trolling and cyberbullying is commonplace.

Parents may wish to check-in with their children, when playing and communicating on a shared server, and remind them that they are to come to a parent immediately, if they have an uncomfortable encounter with another player.

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