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Messenger Lite is an offshoot of the Facebook Messenger app for Android users that’s less data-heavy and offers a more streamlined service. Users enjoy the same messaging, free voice calls and the app works effortlessly with Messenger, Facebook and Facebook Lite. It's free to download, does not have advertisements or in-app purchases and is rated for users of all ages.

About Messenger Lite
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What is Messenger Lite?

In addition to taking up less storage space on Android devices, Messenger Lite is a more simplified version of Facebook Messenger, perfect for users who still want access to chats and calling features, but use Snapchat for their story features.

When users download and open the Messenger Lite app, they’ll see three tabs: Home, Contacts, and Profile. In a user’s Home tab, they’re able to view existing messaging conversations, either with a single person or a group chat. The Contacts screen is self explanatory, and a tiny green dot in a contact’s profile circle shows that they’re online at that moment.

The Profile tab allows users to set their notification preferences, view message requests, switch accounts or report issues. Messenger Lite is a much more simplified version, as Facebook Messenger has quite a few more options, including playing games, which makes it clear why the traditional Messenger app takes up a lot more storage space on people’s devices.

Like Facebook Messenger, Messenger Lite allows users to instantly connect and send text, photos or images in their messages, in addition to allowing users to activate the voice diction feature, as well as make audio and video calls.

Perhaps the greatest feature, apart from a less data-heavy app, is the ability for users to make free voice calls directly in the Messenger Lite app over Wi-Fi, without incurring additional charges. This feature includes calls to other countries, which makes this a valuable app to have.

Messenger Lite is also a great option for those who find themselves in areas with spotty phone service, as they’re able to connect calls with even a slow or unstable internet connection.

Is Messenger Lite safe for my kids?

Parents should know that teens need a Facebook account to use Messenger Lite, as it’s an offshoot of the larger platform, so it follows Facebook’s terms of service. Users must be 13 years and older to download and use and it is not recommended for kids under 13.

Parents should know that users must allow Messenger Lite access to their device’s camera and camera roll. Additionally, children are able to connect with people who aren’t on their Facebook friend list through Messenger Lite. This is especially important to note because many parents may assume that those contacts are limited to those on their child’s Facebook account friend list.

Parents may wish to stress the importance of keeping only those people they know in real life in their Messenger Lite contacts and to never accept a Messenger request from someone they don’t know.

Because complete strangers can connect with teens and send photos, videos and messages of any nature, parents should be vigilant in monitoring their child’s activity in the Messenger Lite app.

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