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An interactive gaming app that allows users to earn stickers and shows kids entertaining videos, Teach2Talk's Behaviors with Friends is meant to teach children about appropriate behavior and how to make good decisions. It can be purchased for $19.99 from iTunes and does not offer any additional in-app purchases. It is appropriate for ages 4+.

About Teach2Talk's Behaviors with Friends

What is Teach2Talk's Behaviors with Friends?

Teach2Talk's Behaviors with Friends is a gaming app that shows children videos that portray common social situations and are meant to teach them how to act appropriately and make good decisions when faced with these issues.


It can only be downloaded from iTunes and costs $19.99 to purchase. Because it does not contain any mature themes and is specifically meant for children, it can be used by all individuals aged 4 or older.


Once the app is downloaded, users can beginning watching videos immediately. After they have finished a video, the narrator and animated characters from the app will begin to ask them questions. If they answer a question correctly, they will then earn stickers that they can add to their virtual collection.


Each of the video stories focuses on a difficult situation that children are commonly faced with. Some examples include resolving fights with their peers without resorting to throwing a tantrum, sharing and taking turns, and dealing with bullying. Because users must pay to download the app, there are not any advertisements.


Teach2Talk's Behaviors with Friends has almost a perfect 5-star rating and many users have stated that their children love the app and they are impressed by how much their kids have learned from it.

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Is Teach2Talk's Behaviors with Friends safe for my kids?

Because the app does not contain any inappropriate content and was specifically created for the purpose of helping to teach children life lessons, it is safe for all users aged 4 and older. However, there is no age verification in place to either download the app or begin playing.

While there is nothing in particular that parents should be concerned or worried about, it is important to monitor how much time your child spends using the app. Technology should always be used in moderation, particularly for children that are still developing, and too much time spent playing video games can have a detrimental affect on them. We recommend that you set either a daily or weekly limit for how much time you will allow your child to use Teach2Talk's Behaviors with Friends.

Teach2Talk's Behaviors with Friends does not have any interactive features or track a user’s location, meaning that it is impossible for users to come into contact with other members or Internet predators.

Once the app has been purchased and downloaded, there are no additional in-app purchases that can be made. This means that you do not need to be concerned about your child spending money without your approval.

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