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About QuestionIt
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What is QuestionIt?

QuestionIt is an educational app for children with language and communication difficulties and focuses on WH- question comprehension.

Activities are organized into four modules of difficulty based on the child's level of language comprehension. Beginners start by sorting words by the type of question they answer and more advanced users extract meaning from short paragraphs.

The app uses faded color cues and learning techniques to reinforce correct answers. If a child selects the correct response, their response is validated with a short message of approval or animated reward, such as a fireworks display.

The QuestionIt app was designed for both single users and classrooms. QuestionIt's data manager scores the number of correct responses for each type of question in each level of each task, and can email data reports from within the app.

Is QuestionIt safe for my kids?

QuestionIt is safe for childrens. There are no user-generated content issues, in-app advertising, or nudges to upgrade from within the app.

Parents can try this app for free before purchasing to see if it would be a helpful addition to their child's educational program.

The QuestionIt app has been in use by speech and language therapists for years, both as a diagnostic tool and for developing students' comprehension of basic communication skills.

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