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What is Steam?

The Steam app is the mobile version of the popular PC gaming hub, allowing members access to the community via their mobile devices. 

Gaming enthusiasts can enjoy mobile access to their one-stop entertainment platform, that allows them to play games and connect with other gamers. 

Within the Steam app, members can chat with friends, browse community groups and user profiles, as well as read the latest in gaming news. Free to download, Steam also offers a marketplace where members can purchase games and related items.

With over 100 million members, Steam is a platform rife with discussion about the latest and greatest in the gaming world. In the Community, users can meet new people, join specific game groups to chat and strategize, participate in forum chats, as well as chat in-game.

Steam Mobile also offers the opportunity for members to create and share content, which includes sending gifts to friends, trading items, as well as creating new content for games in the Steam Workshop. The Steam Mobile app affords members instant access to games, often offering exclusive deals.

Steam members can browse games by genre, or use recommendations from friends and curators. Steam also provides an area for members to browse top selling games and new releases. A feature that will likely appeal to younger members is the ability for users view live streams of game play from their favorite gamers, or link their own live feeds to the platform for viewing.

Is Steam safe for my kids?

Parents should know that the Steam Mobile app is free to download and is rated for teens, 13 years or older

Steam users have the ability to chat with other members, which can be dicey, given that the platform is also used by adults in the gaming community.

Parents should know that Steam requires users to input their date of birth when opening accounts, and some games occasionally ask for additional age verification before allowing users to view. While the added age verification is nice, parents should be aware that children can easily input an older age and access games with content meant for adults.

Steam is setup for commerce and in-app purchases, and offers gamers the option to purchase (and download) games directly from the site. Users must have a form of payment saved into their accounts, and may delete payment details at any time, but must use a PC to input a new form of payment. 

Parents should establish purchase expectations prior to allowing their child to download the Steam Mobile app. 

Perhaps the app’s greatest feature, Steam Mobile allows users to download games to their PC from the app; by the time younger users get off the bus, their game will be loaded to their PC and ready to go.

Parents’ favorite feature of Steam will likely be the Family View. With Family View, parents can control the areas of the platform their child has access to, as well as controlling the game content to which they’re exposed. When parents initiate Family View, a PIN is required to access the marketplace, Library, Community and Friends content.

To activate Family View, parents will need to log into the account their child is going to use, access the Settings menu, select the Family tab, and then select Family View. From there, parents can choose the content and features they wish to require a PIN to access.

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