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Boost the security of your online accounts considerably by taking a few minutes to install SpotTheSpy! Once installed you will know when ever your account are used by others than you. Are your Facebook, LinkedIn and Gmail protected against hackers? Online fraud and hacker attacks are experienced like never before - and over 40,000 online identity thefts happen every day. It is often difficult to figure out whether your online accounts are being hacked. However, SpotTheSpy is here to warn you the moment it happens! How does SpotTheSpy work? The App does not prevent hackers from breaking in - but if your Gmail, Facebook or LinkedIn account is used from somewhere that is not your current location you’ll immediately receive a notification. Thus, Spot The Spy enables you to control your online accounts easily and protect yourself against hackers rather than just being yet another antivirus software. How are SpotTheSpy different from Gmail or Facebooks own services? SpotTheSpy offers a complete security software. Hence, you’ll only need one app to control your security across all of your online accounts. SpotTheSpy notifies you when there is activity on your accounts from another location than where you are. Google or Facebook do not do this. Via the GPS in your phone SpotTheSpy can see where you actually are - and compare that with where your online accounts are being used. If you are at work and someone reads your mail at home SpotTheSpy will warn you. This a new method, which is patent pending. Do SpotTheSpy get access to my data? NO, SpotTheSpy do not get access to your data or save your passwords. When you connect your account, you log into Gmail, LinkedIn and Facebook’s own services, which have nothing to do with SpotTheSpy. We care about your privacy and SpotTheSpy is all about protecting internet privacy. How do I use SpotTheSpy: • Install the app on your smartphone • Choose the account or accounts you want SpotTheSpy to protect • SpotTheSpy will send you a notification if there is any unwanted activity on your accounts • If you receive a notification, you are able to log out all other devices or change your password •You can check your notification history whenever it suits you in the “History” in the menu If you have any questions or feedback do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Send us an email at or add us to Facebook: You’ll come to thank us! 👍

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