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The ‘sodes podcast player app is made with the casual listener in mind. This app is rated for users 12 years of age and older and is available for purchase for iOS devices, While the app is safe for kids to use, parents may want to monitor the podcast content that their child is consuming via the app.

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What is ’sodes?

The ‘sodes app is a podcast player made with the casual listener in mind. Whereas traditional podcast players center around subscriptions, the ‘sodes app allows users to listen and leave. Rated for users 12 years of age and older, the ‘sodes app is available for iOS devices only, and can be purchasedfor $2.99 in the App Store.


The downside to ‘sodes, however, is that despite its unique minimalist design, it’s not especially friendly towards indie or lesser-known podcasts. In fact, the heavy hitters in the main categories will be the same featured podcasts on many other players, leaving some of the best and little-known podcasts at the bottom of the pile.


On the other hand, ‘sodes is the perfect podcast player for those who are new to podcast listening as the interface is minimal, the functionality intuitive, and the entire experience is noncommittal.

Is ’sodes safe for my kids?

Parents will appreciate the fact that users do not need to create and register an account to use the ‘sodes app, nor do they need to bother with downloads. With the ‘sodes app, players simply tap on the podcast episode they wish to listen to and it begins streaming.

While ‘sodes itself is safe for kids to use it’s simply a third party player, the podcast content are where parents may have concerns. Mature themes, profane language, sexual innuendo and crude humor may all be encountered in podcasts, and the ‘sodes player does not have any built in content filters.

Instead, parents may opt to enlist the help of the built in restrictions on their iOS devices which can provide a bit more, albeit not foolproof, filter for content.

To enable restrictions on iOS devices, simply navigate to the settings menu. Under the “Allowed Content” menu, there will be an option labeled “Music, Podcasts & News.”

Under the “Music, Podcasts & News” menu, users can tap to deselect the explicit rating, which will provide a modified content filter, specifically for podcasts.

Parents should also be aware that the novelty of ‘sodes is due to the ability to stream single podcast episodes, without needing to download. And while it’s nice not to have to subscribe to specific podcasts, ‘sodes users are still consuming data from their wireless plan when they stream episodes without a Wi-Fi connection.

If teens are avid listeners, then ‘sodes is likely not the podcast player for them and parents may find mounting data charges as a result.

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