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GifJif is an app for customizing and sharing from an expansive library of GIFs. Users can create their own memes, and even add a custom watermark to their creation in the app. GifJif is available for users ages 17 years of age and older at a purchase price of $0.99 and does contain additional in-app purchases.

About GifJif
In-App Purchases

What is GifJif?

Since the driving concept behind GifJif revolves around faces, one of the best ways to search for GIFs, apart from the multitude of categories offered, is to search a celebrity name, be it an actor or an athlete.


Using the keyword search will bring up all of the GIFs that your specified person is tagged or featured in, and you then have the opportunity to directly share that GIF, or customize the GIF.


The obvious upside of the GifJif app is that it allows users to create and customize GIFs without using a PC. However, the app is still relatively new and the developer continues to roll out additions and improvements.


A relatively new feature to GifJif is that users may now submit their own GIFs, creating an additional library of user-generated content to choose from. If users are generating their own GIFs, they first upload the video content they wish to use, and then add the metadata (title, keywords for search capabilities).


Once keywords are entered, the fun begins and users are able to manipulate their GIF by adding a face, via uploaded photo. Face mapping is a tedious process, with users adjusting a box to fit over the head of the person or character they wish to mask, and then adjusting it frame-by-frame (most GIFs are between ten and fifty frames).


Perhaps one of the largest complaints, users report keyword searching to be a bit clunky and ineffective, which likely has more to do with keywords being entered into the database, rather than app functionality; however, an app is only as good as its keyword search.


Keyword search aside, users are able to search from a large selection of sports-related GIFs, including individual sport categories such as Football, Football Helmets, Basketball, Hockey, Baseball, and Golf. Additionally, Politics and Celebrities are other popular categories. 

Is GifJif safe for my kids?

Parents should know that GifJif is a social GIF sharing app, that allows users to customize GIFs for personal use, and is open to users ages 17 years and older.

A paid app, GifJif costs $0.99 to download and is only available for iOS devices, but users can incur additional in-app purchases if they wish to customize GIFs from the availability.

Specific categories and selections are available through in-app purchase, and typically cost $0.99 per pack. Other additional in-app purchases come in the way of GIF customization, such as $1.99 for a user to create a custom meme from a GIF or $9.99 to remove a watermark from a GIF.

Because of the multitude of in-app purchase possibilities, this app is essentially pay-to-play.

Inappropriate and adult content makes this app more appropriate for adults and it is not safe for kids.

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