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Insecurity is an app that protects mobile devices by snapping photos of those who attempt to open a user’s phone. Insecurity is available for iOS devices for $1.99 and is rated for users of all ages. This app is safe for kids in terms of content, but it should be skipped due to it's poor ratings and it's useless functionality.

About Insecurity - Catch Phone Snoopers Red Handed!
In-App Purchases

What is Insecurity - Catch Phone Snoopers Red Handed!?

Insecurity is an app that protects mobile devices by snapping photos of those who attempt to open a user’s phone. Once an incorrect PIN code is entered into a device, Insecurity activates and takes a photo.


Insecurity is only available for iOS devices at a purchase price of $1.99, and is rated for users of all ages.  This app features in-app purchases.

Insecurity is an app meant to protect mobile devices, that sends alerts, snaps a photo, and sounds an alert when someone attempts to access a device without permission (or the right PIN).


The Insecurity app is another app that can be both good and bad, as it can be used by teens to keep parents out of their mobile devices, but can also serve to protect their devices when at school or out and about.


Per the developer, here's how the Insecurity app works:

1) Click the "Set Trap" button

2) Lock your phone (works with and without passcode).

3) The next person to unlock your phone will have a picture taken of them by the front camera. And an alarm will sound if your volume is turned up! This photo is only saved to your Insecurity account and therefore, the snooper can't delete it from your camera roll.


The Insecurity app is simple and easy to use, requiring little in the way of setup. Before setting their phone down, users simply tap the Insecurity app, set the “trap,” enter their passcode and put their phone in sleep mode.

When someone hits the home button to ‘wake up’ the device, the Insecurity app will snap a photo, whether or not it’s the owner.


If the device is being opened by the owner, the owner will enter their passcode and their home screen will show the photo of them when they tapped the home button on their device.


When someone attempts to break into a device with the Insecurity app engaged, they’ll have their photo taken when they hit the home button, in addition to being greeted by the following words on the screen: “Why Are You Snooping? Don’t You Trust Me? Say Cheese!”

Is Insecurity - Catch Phone Snoopers Red Handed! safe for my kids?

A second layer of security is a great thing, especially with the cost of mobile devices and the amount of personal information people store on them, so an app like Insecurity can be worth the $1.99 investment.

However, the app provides a disclaimer about the service it provides, saying:

“This app is not intended to keep your phone or it's content safe. It is meant to deter your friends, family, and girlfriends or boyfriends from going through your phone by taking an unexpected (and usually unflattering) photo of them - catching them red handed in the act of snooping! The resulting photos are hilarious.”

Those users looking for a legitimate phone lock and alarm for added security should keep shopping, as the Insecurity app is meant more for entertainment purposes.

This app is safe for kids in terms of content and abilities, but due to it's poor rating and it's useless functionality, parents and kids alike should steer clear of this app.

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