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About Fit the Fat 2
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What is Fit the Fat 2?

Fit the Fat 2 is a free gaming app that offers players a virtual weight loss challenge, which can sometimes be tied to real life results. 

In the game, players begin with an overweight “friend” avatar at 507 pounds and a mission of helping him along his weight loss journey. In order to help the friend lose weight,  players take him through a routine of exercise, sleeping and eating.

Players’ have three physical activities to choose from for exercise: jumping rope, running on a treadmill, boxing with a punching bag, and lifting weights. At first, the only exercise available is jumping rope. The treadmill does not become available after completing level 3.

As players complete activities successfully, their avatar levels up and lose weight. When players complete physical activities like jumping rope and boxing, they collect coins, advance through levels, and unlock more options. Coins are cashed in for healthier food, power boosts, and the ability to choose from different avatars or looks.

Fit the Fat 2 players can connect the app with Google Fit to get rewarded for their own exercise habits. When Google Fit players exercise, so does their avatar within the Fit the Fat 2 game.

Is Fit the Fat 2 safe for my kids?

Fit the Fat 2 is safe for kids and is rated for all ages. Parents should be aware that Fit the Fat 2 is free to download but offers a variety of in-app purchases. Players can purchase coins for power boosts, which move them through the game at a quicker pace and give them access to healthier food options for their friend. 

Food options are categorized into three options: Fast, Classic and Healthy. Fast foods are the cheapest, but cause the avatar the gain weight. The healthier the food, the more coins are required for purchase.

Parents might appreciate that this game requires players to exercise their dietary knowledge by making the best food decisions for their friend, which come at a cost. Keeping the friend satiated and maintaining elevated stamina levels requires a careful mix of food choices, much like fueling one’s body in real life. Players feeding their friend only healthy food options will see faster weight loss progress, but will likely need to purchase additional coins to afford those options.

Younger players may get frustrated or impatient, as jumping rope is the only exercise option for beginning players. Additional options unlock or become available as players advance through the game. Physical activities are completed by either swiping or tapping, but many users have reported glitches and lags when attempting to jump rope or run on the treadmill. Lag or not, there is a learning curve to mastering these activities.

Parents may want to be cautious about linking the game to an external app due to the personal information that is stored on Google Fit.

While Fit the Fat 2 is rated for all ages, parents might not want their child exposed to an app that is only focused on food choices, exercise habits, and losing weight.

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