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About Golf Clash
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What is Golf Clash?

Golf Clash is a free app that allows users to play virtual golf games and compete against others in real time. If they want to make an accurate shot, Golf Clash players must master speed and agility, by aligning two arrows as one moves side-to-side. 

As with most games of this type, the further a player progresses, the more they are rewarded. In this case, players are rewarded with better clubs, different courses and more tournaments as they progress through the game; players can also choose to challenge Facebook friends, in addition to taking on randomly selected players.

Similar to real golf, users aim their shots in Golf Clash with the goal of getting the ball into the hole with the lowest number of strokes. While the skill required to shoot is easy to master, releasing one’s ball at the right time is challenging.

As players line up their shot, they are directed by two arrows, one of which is moving. In order to guarantee a perfect shot, players must release their shot at the exact moment that the two arrows align. The game is definitely not as easy as it may seem.

Is Golf Clash safe for my kids?

Golf Clash is free to download, but parents should know that the game features some in-app purchases. Players have the ability to purchase upgrades that come in the form of better golfing equipment. Better equipment allows players to move up the leaderboards faster and easier.

While much slower than purchasing items with real cash, players can also progress through the game by playing and winning. Rewards are offered at the end of each winning match. In addition to gold coins, winners are given a treasure chest, which holds a new and improved piece of golfing equipment.

Players are “charged” gold coins for tour entries; the higher the level, the more expensive the charge. Parents should be aware that kids may be tempted to purchase coins for higher level tours, and the entry fee significantly increases as players attempt to level-up.

Parents should be aware that Golf Clash offers players two game play options: play with Facebook friends or play with a randomly selected player. The danger of playing against strangers is that Golf Clash offers an open chat feature, in which competitors can send messages and/ or emojis during game play. As the game is rated for everyone, it is possible for minors to be matched with adults for challenges.

It’s important to note that Golf Clash can only be played in multi-player mode, and does not offer taking on an AI or computer opponent. There is no offline option for playing Golf Clash, so parents should know that they receive data charges from their provider if their child plays without a Wi-Fi network connection.

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