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Skyward Mobile Access is an app specifically for those users already using the school management platform of the same name. With the Skyward Mobile Access app, users are able to access the same information as the site while they’re on the go. Skyward Mobile Access is free to download and use, and features no advertisements or in-app purchases.

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What is Skyward Mobile Access?

For those schools using the Skyward school management platform, the Skyward Mobile Access app allows employees, students and parents to access their information with a mobile device. Skyward is administrative software, providing information and access points for all members of a school district, including employees and students.


Monitoring a student’s progress in school become easier, with parents able to use the app to check on assignments and grades on tests and quizzes. Another convenient aspect of the app is the ability for parents to easily contact teachers through the platform, to ask questions or request a conference to discuss their student’s performance.


School district employees can use the Skyward Mobile Access app to quickly and easily access information they would have previously had to have contacted human resources for, such as pay stubs and available personal days. Skyward also provides links to district sites for employees to easily access policies and procedures.


User reviews are extremely positive about the convenience of the Skyward Mobile Access app, but it is important to note that a recent update has caused login issues for a lot of users. However, one of the many customer compliments is that Skyward is quick to fix bugs with their Mobile Access app.

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Is Skyward Mobile Access safe for my kids?

With the Skyward Mobile Access app, parents can check on their student’s attendance, in real time, with just a mobile device and an internet connection. It is safe for kids to use.

It’s important to note that Skyward Mobile Access users are prompted to create a 4-digit personal identification number, after logging into the app with their regular username and password, for an added layer of security; users can also opt to use fingerprint authentication, if their mobile device supports this function. This can also help keep prying eyes away from private conversations parents and teachers conduct about students, within the Skyward platform.

Parents are also able to update or change personal information on file with the district, simply by changing that information with the Skyward Mobile Access app. Parents are also able to use the Skyward Mobile Access app to monitor student funds for school lunches or any activity fees, though it’s important to note, that Skyward does not process payments, but will connect users with a third party link for parents to manage.

One common user complaint is the inability for calendars to be synced within the platform, requiring users to input information in multiple places throughout. However, many users commend Skyward, as they’re responsive to user feedback, and are continually updating and implementing changes to better suit the needs of their users.

For those having difficulty navigating the Skyward Mobile Access app, Skyward provides video tutorials that can be accessed through their site or directly on YouTube.

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