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About READIT - Chat Stories
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What is READIT - Chat Stories?

READIT: Chat Stories is a text message-based reading app, that delivers story snippets that can be read in a matter of minutes. READIT provides a digital book alternative for busy people who lack the time to fully invest themselves in a full-length book. 

Users can choose from a multitude of genres that include thrillers, horror stories, romances and love stories. While free to download, READIT offers a range of subscription options and premium access to unlimited stories.

Once users open the READIT app, their screen opens to a simulated text messaging screen, with a conversation already initiated and users read through someone’s chat history. Users tap the screen to read the next text message, and carry on this way throughout the story. 

First time users will be given half of a text message story before being prompted to subscribe with the following prompts: Easily cancel anytime from your phone’s settings. No questions asked; No hidden fees. It’s actually 100% free during the whole trial period; Just try it out for a couple of days, and then make up your mind. 

If a user decides not to try the “free” trial, they are unable to finish their first story. Premium access users are given different access from paid subscribers and can read an unlimited number of stories without any wait time in-between.

Is READIT - Chat Stories safe for my kids?

While the app store rates READIT: Chat Stories for children ages 12 and older, parents may take issue with the content the developers find appropriate for pre-teens. Many parents won't want their middle schoolers reading “steamy fictions”, “love anecdotes”, or “romances” on their phones. 

The format of READIT: Chat Stories may appeal to many children in the digital generation, as the stories are served in the familiar format of text message stories, but parents may not want to pay for their children to consume soap opera-like dramas. 

In terms of content, parents can expect their children to encounter themes that include realistic violence, horror/fear, profanity or crude humor, alcohol, tobacco or drug use or references, as well as mature or suggestive themes.

Parents should be aware that READIT: Chat Stories is not a free app, as advertised. While the app may be free to download, users must choose a subscription plan to continue with stories. Some users have reported being prompted to subscribe in the middle of their first story, which is irritating and definitely false advertising. 

Subscription rates are as $1.99 per week, $7.99 per month, and $39.99 for Premium access. While READIT offers a one week free trial, many users have found it difficult to cancel before being charged. Paying members have also claimed to have issues canceling their subscriptions, so be wary of the READIT app. 

Other in-app purchases come in the form of ad removal, which will cost users an additional $3.99 to read without interruption.

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  • Julian R.

    Sometimes this app is the only way our 15 year old will read for fun... so even tho some stories are a little mature, we allow it