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Goodreads is the app version of the popular social networking site for book lovers, authors and readers that allows users to explore thousands of books. This app is available for both iOS and Android devices.  Goodreads is rated for users of all ages and does feature advertisements.  The Goodreads app is safe for kids with parental supervision.

About Goodreads: Book Reviews
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What is Goodreads: Book Reviews?

Goodreads is the app version of the popular social networking site for book lovers, authors and readers. 

This app is available for both iOS and Android devices.  Goodreads is rated for users of all ages and does feature advertisements

Users create profiles, in which they can track their own reading habits, connect with friends over books, read from thousands of book reviews, and discover new and emerging authors and books. 

Anything and everything book and book people related can be found on Goodreads and accessed through the app.

Once a user establishes an account, they can participate in groups, discussions, author Q&As, book events, giveaways and more. 

Avid readers will love having their own virtual bookshelf to keep track of their reading, with the ability to scan bar codes of the physical books they’ve read, to add to their bookshelves. 

If a Goodreads member is interested in a book their friend is reading, they can automatically add it to their own to-read list, directly from the status notification.

Is Goodreads: Book Reviews safe for my kids?

Goodreads is safe for kids with parental supervision, but the social aspect of the app will likely appeal to older readers, rather than young children. Goodreads can be an excellent tool in tracking a child’s reading, as users can update their profiles with books they’ve read, are currently reading, or those books they wish to read. 

This app can be used to digitize book journals, lists and notebooks avid readers sometimes like to keep. Parents will appreciate the fact that Goodreads is an immersive community, comprised completely of avid readers and book lovers, that appeals to their digital generation children. 

Book lovers can easily find and build a social network of like-minded people, even down to those who are fans of the same author. Parents may want to remind their children not to add any revealing or identifying information in their profile section.

Users do not need to have a Goodreads account to take advantage of the information on the platform, but those with accounts will have a more dynamic user experience. As Goodreads is a social networking site, members can and do interact with one another. 

Goodreads members are given the option to open their address book contacts to search for other members from their friends and family, in addition to matching with any Facebook friends who are also Goodreads members. 

Once a user becomes friends with someone on Goodreads, they have access to their book reviews, can see what they’re reading, as well as any books they may have authored or contributed to.

Common Goodreads app user complaints are typically in response to slow load times, while navigating within the app, as well as frequent glitches while using the app. Some users have complained that the user interface is outdated, but that the app still manages to perform the most basic functions desired like tracking, reading, and creating to-read lists. 

Parents should be aware that another common complaint is that the app kicks users out to their main website often, when navigating through features, so those children with disabled browsers may encounter dead ends when attempting to navigate through the app.

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