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What is Nextdoor?

Nextdoor is a free, private, and localized social network for neighborhoods. It is a groundbreaking social media app that makes it easy for locals to connect. With Nextdoor, users can reach and have access to many people locally with little to no added effort. 

Nextdoor is a social networking platform that is very useful for staying aware of what is going on locally. Users can find and post information about yard sales and other events in nearby neighborhoods. 

This is a place where locals can find information about break-ins, extreme weather, and important things happening locally.

In the For Free and For Sale section, Nextdoor users can both find items to buy and post about items they want to sell or give away. This can be a great place to look for specific items that are close by and easy to locate. It is also place where users can easily give away or sell old toys. 

Users can connect with their neighborhood to find information about trustworthy contractors. On Nextdoor, you can get reliable and honest reviews. It is also a place where users can look for neighborhood babysitters, dog walkers, and more.

Lost your dog? Post in Nextdoor to quickly reach out to people in the immediate area.

Is Nextdoor safe for my kids?

The Nextdoor app is rated for everyone, but may only be safe for mature kids and teens. Even though it is supposed to be as intimate as a neighborhood, parents should be aware that the Nextdoor app puts people’s private information into a public arena. 

This app is not safe for children, because the app allows anyone to access information about people and their general location. The local areas that users are grouped into are large, not particularly intimate, and can be dangerous, especially when users choose to divulge personal information. 

Users expecting to connect with neighbors to plan block parties and neighborhood yard sales will be surprised to find that the majority of the posts within the Nextdoor app are people posting items for sale or homes and apartments for rent. 

Parents may find that some supervision is necessary if they do not want their children to post about items for sale or try to buy items without their permission. However, mature teens may be able to navigate this aspect of the platform safely.

Another concern for parents is the lack of effective moderation on Nextdoor. Many users report bullying, racial profiling in the crime portion of the app, slander, and malicious gossip. Not all boards seem to be well moderated, and users who have reported problematic posts have said that it often takes days for those items to be taken down. 

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