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Note: This app is no longer available in the App Store or Google Play Store. PocketLIVE is a live video streaming app in which users can create their own live streams and channels, or browse and support other live streamers.   This app feature in-app purchases and is not safe for kids or teens.

About PocketLIVE - fun live video chat rooms and shows
In-App Purchases

What is PocketLIVE - fun live video chat rooms and shows?

Note: This app is no longer available in the App Store or Google Play Store.

PocketLIVE is a live video streaming app in which users can create their own live streams and channels, or browse and support other live streamers. 


Users can follow their favorite streamers, interact and “tip” them, or choose to create their own streams and build a follower base. Similar to YouTube, PocketLIVE streamers can create channels, amass followers and make money while streaming video content.

While the PocketLIVE app is free to download and use, it offers a lot of in-app purchases, ranging in price from $0.99 to $104.99. Like many other apps, coins are the currency of PocketLIVE, and members use them to support other streamers, either by purchasing animated emojis to post to their favorite streamers, or to reward great streams with coin “tips.” 

After downloading the PocketLIVE app, users will be prompted to register for an account. Users can sign up via email or use their Facebook login details, and will then be prompted to create a nickname and password for their account. New members are given 200 coins to start, and PocketLIVE provides and incentive the first 100 streamers to broadcast for an hour each day with a $10 CAD credit to their account.

Once members log into the PocketLIVE app, they’re taken to their Home screens, which allows them to search the app for broadcasts by keywords or username, look at replays of old broadcasts, check their notifications and browse the most popular and latest streams; users may also choose the Schedule menu option to see broadcasts that are scheduled to go live later that day.

When a user begins a live stream, by tapping the “Go Live” button, they are prompted to input a title for their video stream and then select a category for the video from the following: Performing Arts, Gaming, Fashion & Makeup, Lifestyle & Wellbeing, Education & Opinion, Visual Arts, and Music.

Once a PocketLIVE category is selected, the member then selects whether they wish to start their broadcast immediately, or schedule for a later time. They’re prompted to either upload or take a cover photo, give PocketLIVE permission to use the mobile device’s camera and microphone, and then the app performs an internet speed test. 

Those users who have a slow or spotty connection have the option to choose a lower broadcast quality before going live. After selecting, users can proceed with their video stream.

Streamers are able to access their PocketLIVE earnings under their account settings, which provides detailed information about the amount made, the time period in which money accrued, the total broadcast duration during that time, as well as areas to input bank account or PayPal information. 

There is also a Wallet feature, where members can save their payment information directly into the app for future purchases; the PocketLIVE Wallet also shows a user’s current account balance, as well as their purchase and spending history through the app.

Is PocketLIVE - fun live video chat rooms and shows safe for my kids?

Parents need to know that PocketLIVE is a free live streaming app, where members can browse, watch, interact and create video streams of their own. Therefore, it is not safe for kids and is only appropriate for mature teens and adults.

PocketLIVE makes it easy to connect payment options to the app, so parents should set spending expectations prior to allowing their teen to use the app.

PocketLIVE requires users to be ages 14 or older, which parents will appreciate, given the content their teens can potentially stumble upon. 

It’s important for parents to know that their children may encounter mature or suggestive themes, sexual content and nudity, realistic violence, alcohol, tobacco and drug use or references, profanity and crude humor. The PocketLIVE app is not recommended for younger children.

Parents should know that PocketLIVE does have potential for creative kids, as it can serve as an outlet to stream their music or practice their broadcasting skills, while accruing a following and potentially earning some cash on the side. 

Content, however, will likely be an issue for many parents, as users have reported live streams containing sexual content and nudity, so there is the potential for a child to be exposed to mature content. 

PocketLIVE, however, does have several safety measures in place, including a reporting feature for users to flag inappropriate streams, as well as the ability for live streamers to block or ban and remove users from their stream.

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