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Phone Tracker for iPhones is an app that allows users to share and receive location information from family and friends. Using the iPhone GPS functionality, users are able to find and follow friends, using their smartphone and a tracker map. It is rated for users of all ages, is available to purchase for $3.99, but also has in-app purchases.

About Phone Tracker for iPhones
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What is Phone Tracker for iPhones?

The Phone Tracker app can be used in more than 35 different countries, and allows users to see another user’s current location and travel history, for up to 72 hours.


As stated, the Phone Tracker app works on a permissions system, which allows users to choose when and who they share their location information with. Users can choose to share their location information with someone, but choose to block them from receiving that information at another time.


Businesses with mobile employees may find the Phone Tracker app useful in tracking driver routes, or seeing which personnel are closest to a job that’s called in. But, with so many other free location tracking apps on the market, it may be hard to justify the $3.99 app cost.

Is Phone Tracker for iPhones safe for my kids?

Parents should know that the Phone Tracker for iPhones app requires participating members to accept or approve the request to track a user’s phone, so this is not an app that can secretly track the movement of a person via their smartphone.

Parents wary of allowing a third party app to access a phone’s location services data should bypass the Phone Tracker app and it is not recommended for kids.

The most obvious use of the Phone Tracker app is to locate a lost or stolen phone, though as this is an app specifically for iPhones, it seems redundant to use both this Phone Tracker app and the Find My Phone feature, which unique to Apple devices.

Parents can opt to require their child to use the Phone Tracker app, as a way of enforcing accountability or as an easy locator tool, but they should also be aware that their children can simply choose to block or disable the app, rendering it useless as a tracking tool.

Phone Tracker can be especially helpful for family outings, allowing different members of the party to go their separate ways, as the tracking information will show the users’ routes, and can help parties locate one another when it’s time to meet up.

The Phone Tracker app for iPhones can also be useful for teens at a concert or a festival, allowing them to easily meet up with each other, or locate one another, should they get separated. Daily use, however, will likely seem a bit dubious to parents, as there really isn’t a need to share location information with friends every day.

It’s worth noting that the Phone Tracker for iPhone app has a user rating of 2.8 in the App Store, with user complaints regarding unreliability, the fact that users aren’t notified when another member turns off location tracking (specifically in terms of parents tracking children), and issues with the app freezing and not updating.

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