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About Glympse - Share GPS location
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What is Glympse - Share GPS location?

Glympse is a free app that allows users to easily share their location via their mobile phone’s GPS location services. Glympse shares real-time location data, the user's speed, estimated time of arrival if they’ve input their destination, and a short message. 

Users and recipients do not need to have a registered account to use the Glympse app, and can privately send their location data.

Glympse does not require users to register to use the app, but registered users have access to additional app features, which encourage users to register their free account. 

When users start a “New Glympse," they can select the recipient, from either their phone contacts or directly inputting an email address, and set the Glympse expiration time, which is up to four hours. 

When a user shares their location information with someone, that person doesn't need to have a registered Glympse account or download the app to their computer or mobile device. When a Glympse user shares their location data, the map and its associated data are viewable from the web link forwarded to the intended recipient.

After a user sets the Glympse expiration time, they have the option to input their destination, so their Glympse recipients may see how far out they are, as well as include a written message. 

Glympse provides a few preset messages users can choose from, or they may input their own custom message for the recipient. Once finished, the Glympse is sent as either a message or an email, and the recipient need only an internet connection to view.

One of the best features of Glympse is the ability to set up a private Group Glympse, in which all group members share the same map. Glympse’s group feature is perfect for keeping track of friends and family at concerts, festivals and fairs, in addition to theme park and beach outings. 

No more confusion, missed calls and texts while trying to locate other members in a party.

Is Glympse - Share GPS location safe for my kids?

Glympse can be safe for kids when parents set parameters around their use. Glympse is a free location-sharing app that uses smartphone GPS data to provide real time location. 

At glance, a location sharing app may seem like a horrible idea to most parents, but Glympse can actually be a helpful tool to have.

The possibilities for use are endless with Glympse, especially in terms of safety. Runners, cyclists and walkers are able to share their real-time location data, should something happen to them. 

Parents can use Glympse to keep track of their children in a range of circumstances. Whether its their first long drive or they're out with friends, this app allows parents to view their driving speed as they progress to their destination.

 Glympse provides an added sense of security for both users and location data recipients. 

Glympse location data is viewable only to those persons a user has sent an access link to, and that location tracking length of time is set by the user, up to four hours. Users can not be tracked indefinitely. 

The tracking expiration may be frustrating to some parents, but it should be reassuring that location data being shared with friends or extended family members expires within a set time frame.

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