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Panel is a gaming app where users allow their data to be collected in exchange for prizes, rewards and sweepstakes. This app is available in the App Store and the Google Play Store.  It is rated for users 17 years of age and older and doesn’t feature any additional in-app purchases or advertisements.  This app is not safe for kids.

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What is Rewards - Prizes & Rewards?

Panel is a gaming app where users allow their data to be collected and distributed to third parties, in exchange for prizes, rewards and sweepstakes.

This app is available in both the App Store and the Google Play Store.  It is rated for users 17 years of age and older and does not feature any additional in-app purchases or advertisements.

Panel is primarily a passive app, which uses smartphone data, such as location, to create surveys based upon age, race, gender and geographic location. Panel app users are basically marketing guinea pigs, rewarded for having their movements tracked. 


Signing up for Panel is quick, as it only requires a user’s name and email address, but then users have the option to connect social media accounts (and are rewarded with additional points, the app’s currency). 

It’s important to note that the Panel app is not going to provide quick dividends, instead, users accumulate points slowly, by allowing the app to continually run in the background of their phones. Daily point earnings can be increased by taking surveys and inviting friends, and Panel compensates those invites with a referral program. 

Users are able to invite friends to the Panel app by email, text or Facebook, and then earn 10% of referred friends’ point accumulations. Initial referrers will also earn 5% of their friends’ referrals’ earnings and in this sense, it pays to be an early Panel app user among friends and family.


Once accumulating a significant amount of points through the Panel app, users may redeem their points to enter into sweepstakes for fun prizes (almost like doubling-down), or cash points out for Guaranteed Rewards.


Guaranteed Rewards come in the form of gift cards to major retailers, as well as VISA and Mastercard cash cards, which are issued via email the Monday after cashing out.

Is Rewards - Prizes & Rewards safe for my kids?

Parents should be aware that Panel is a marketing app, for users 17 years or older, that collects personal data via smartphone and, in turn, rewards users, for their data, with sweepstakes and prizes. Data that is collected is then sold to third parties for marketing analytics. 

Parents should also know that location and phone habits are continually monitored with Panel, as this app runs in the background of users’ smartphones. Users are then served surveys related to their location history each week.

The Panel app can be an easy way to earn a little passive income on the side, but the big brother aspect seems like more risk than reward. 

With an average earning of just $.04 a day, potential users may wish to consider if the payout is worth sharing all of their identifying information, as well as not knowing who is buying their data (or even what they’re doing with it).

A common user complaint with Panel is the amount of data and battery life the app consumes. As the app is constantly running in the background, users will experience a much shorter battery life. 

Additionally, those users without unlimited data plans may wish to avoid the Panel app altogether, as they could potentially incur additional data charges from running the app.

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