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ooVoo is a free video calling, voice calling, and messaging app on which users can communicate with their friends over the internet on any device. With the right privacy settings, ooVoo can be safe for mature teens to use.

About ooVoo Video Calls, Messaging & Stories
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What is ooVoo Video Calls, Messaging & Stories?

ooVoo is a free video calling, voice calling, and messaging app on which users can chat with their friends over the internet on any device. ooVoo is a useful video chatting service because it can be used across platforms, like desktop computers, Android, and iOS devices.

ooVoo users need to create a profile and add their friends before they can begin communicating in one-on-one chats or in groups of 8 or less. Users can post photos and videos to their ooVoo profiles, which are searchable within the app and are public by default.

With ooVoo, users can record video calls, watch YouTube videos within a group chat, and send messages while video chatting. oovoo can be used with international phone numbers, but is not free.

Chains are a collection of short videos, images, and text that users contribute to and can be shared on the platform. Users can collaborate with their friends or anyone in the world to create Chains. Users can view their friends' Chains and search for Trending Chains to see what's popular.

Is ooVoo Video Calls, Messaging & Stories safe for my kids?

ooVoo is safe for mature teens, with the right privacy settings. Privacy can be an issue with ooVoo, because anyone can search for, find and get in contact with any and every user.

ooVoo profiles are set to public by default, but can be made private by adjusting the settings. A public profile will allow strangers to search for, view, and contact a user.

Users choose who may contact them and the options are only friends, friends of friends, or anyone. Changing this setting to only friends is the safest option and will prevent strangers from sending kids unsolicited messages.

Some ooVoo profiles contain inappropriate content that kids could stumble across while searching the app. On this app, there is no way to filter out profiles and inappropriate content, or block the search feature.

ooVoo users can block specific users if they need to, like in instances of cyberbullying or inappropriate messages.

The free version of the app features ads, but users have the option of subscribing to ooVoo’s ad-free premium service. This app also features in-app purchases.

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