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MultiCraft - Free Miner is a gaming app that allows users to either use blocks to create and expand the game’s virtual city or to be a hunter. This app is available in the App Store and the Google Play Store and features in-app purchases and advertisements.  This app is best suited for teens due to some violence.

About MultiCraft ― Build and Mine!
In-App Purchases

What is MultiCraft ― Build and Mine!?

MultiCraft - Free Miner is a gaming app that allows users to either use blocks to create buildings and expand the game’s virtual city, or be a hunter that attacks the game’s monsters in order to survive.

It is available for free download in App Store and the Google Play Store and offers the option of in-app purchases to access certain upgraded features, such as the removal of ads.


Once you have downloaded the app, you will be prompted to choose between two different modes: Creative Mode and Survival Mode.


Creative Mode allows players to use blocks to create unique buildings and add to the app’s civilization, while Survival Mode allows players to use blocks to create tools and weapons to fight off the game’s villains.


One of the primary goals of MultiCraft is to earn resources that can then be used for your survival, such as food, tools, shelter, and weapons. These resources can be acquired by winning battles against monsters, as well as by exploring new lands and swimming across oceans.


In addition to single-player mode, there is the option of playing against your friends that also use the app.


To use the app for free, players must periodically watch ads. Once you have watched the ad for a specified period of time, you can simply click on the ‘X’ located in one of the upper corners to continue playing the game.


If you wish to get rid of these ads, you can make an in-app purchase to upgrade your account.


Over 1 million people have downloaded the app, and it generally receives positive reviews with few complaints.  

Is MultiCraft ― Build and Mine! safe for my kids?

Due to mild violent themes, MultiCraft - Free Miner should only be played by mature teens over the age of 12. However, there is no currently no age verification for downloading or using the app.  

Parents should know that although the app is an unrealistic cartoon, it still portrays some mature themes, such as mild violence, weapons, monsters, and death.

Players are also encouraged to engage in battles, something that parents may not be comfortable with. If you think your child is not mature enough to have access to this type of content, they should not use the app.

Additionally, make sure to have a serious discussion with your child regarding the differences between violence in video games and real life.  

It must be noted that the app does allow the option of in-app purchases. If you do not wish for your child to be able to buy upgrades, simply disable in-app purchases in the cellphone’s settings.    

Finally, because the app does not allow users to directly interact or chat with strangers, the possibility of your child coming into contact with Internet predators is substantially decreased.

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