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An interactive gaming app that is narrated by several well-known celebrities, including Patton Oswalt, Minecraft: Story Mode allows players to embark on an adventure through the game’s fictional world and help save the Minecraft community from destruction. It can be downloaded for free from iTunes and Google Play. It is safe for users aged 10 and up.

About Minecraft: Story Mode
In-App Purchases
Everyone 10+

What is Minecraft: Story Mode?

Minecraft: Story Mode is an interactive gaming app that allows users to play as a character, Jesse, in order to search the Overworld for an important item, known as the Order of the Stone.


It can be downloaded for free in both iTunes and Google Play, but does offer in-app purchases in order to advance to different levels. In Google Play, Minecraft: Story Mode is rated for everyone ages 10 and older and in iTunes, this app is rated for users over 9 years old.


Once the app is downloaded and users have created an account, they can then begin their quest. Players are joined by other fictional characters in the app, who are there to help them discover clues and ultimately save the game’s world from destruction. While the first goal of the game is to find the legendary Gabriel the Warrior, horrific events then take place, causing players to shift their focus to finding the Order of the Stone.


Although the app is free to download, users are only able to play the first few levels for free without making any in-app purchases. If you wish to advance beyond these levels, you will need to purchase an “Adventure Pass” in the game’s settings. In-app purchases range from $4.99 to $25.99, depending on how many levels you would like to purchase at one time.


While the app generally receives positive reviews and is known for having good narration, some players have complained about the fact that they must make in-app purchases to access additional levels.

Is Minecraft: Story Mode safe for my kids?

Due to its lack of interactive elements and the fact that the game contains minimal violence and mature themes, Minecraft: Story Mode is safe for users aged 10 or older with parental supervision. However, there is currently no age verification process in place to either download the app or create an account.

Parents should know that while the app does not contain any overt mature themes, there is some mild swearing and small acts of cartoon violence. Unrealistic depictions of weapons can occasionally be seen, including the representation of swords. While many players are able to see the differences between the weapons in the game and in real life, parents should execute caution if they are worried about their child blurring the distinctions.

It is important to note that the app does not contain any interactive elements, thus reducing the risk of your child coming into contact with Internet predators or having inappropriate conversations with strangers.

As with all video games, it is important to monitor how much time your child spends using the app. Make sure to discuss with them the dangers of developing a gaming addiction, and the importance of setting limits for how often they play.

Finally, although the app does require some personal information from users, such as access to their phone’s contacts and data, it does not track individuals’ locations. However, if you are uncomfortable with an app-developer having this much access to your child’s private information, you should prevent them from playing the game altogether.

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