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Lamper VR: First Flight is a virtual reality runner game for Android and iOS devices in which players control a small bug and navigate through obstacles to get as far as they can. The game is free to download from both the Google Play store and the iTunes app store and is safe for kids.

About Lamper VR: First Flight
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What is Lamper VR: First Flight?

Lamper VR: First Flight is a fun, 3D animated virtual reality (VR) runner gaming app with a simple premise and simple gameplay.


Players are given first person control from the eyes of a firefly named Lamper, who is fleeing his kingdom after it was attacked.


Lamper VR: First Flight plays much like a VR version of Temple Run where players run on a path and must avoid the various obstacles and collect different widgets along the way, with the goal being to run as far as possible.


The app runs on both iOS and Android devices, and works on a number of headsets including Google Cardoard, VR Smartview, VRTRIA, Nibiru, and more.


Lamper VR: First Flight is free to download and play, and can be found in the iTunes app store and the Google Play store.


Reviewers enjoy the game when it functions properly, but complain about a number of bugs that make the game frustrating to play, giving it an aggregate rating of 3.1 out of 5 in the iTunes app store review section.


Lamper VR: First Flight is rated for users 4+ in the iTunes ratings system, and "E" for everyone in Google Play.

Is Lamper VR: First Flight safe for my kids?

Lamper VR: First Flight is a safe gaming app for users of all ages, but most VR headsets recommend that kids under 12 do not use their product, as it causes disorientation and can damage young eyes that are not fully developed.

Parents should read the guidelines for their specific headset for more accurate information. Also recommended is that players using a VR headset take a break at least ten minutes long for every hour of gameplay.

The game itself is safe for kids. The graphics are fun and cartoonish and there is no violence present. Also, Lamper VR: First Flight does not have any platform for messaging or connection to wider social platforms, so kids can play without threat of cyberbullying or online strangers.

Parents are also happy to know that the game does not offer any in-app purchases, which can be frustrating for players and result in unexpected expenses.

Like other runner games, such as Temple Run, Lamper VR: First Flight can be addicting, as players continually want to top their high score and fly just a little further.

As stated earlier, it is important that kids take breaks from gameplay when using VR headsets.

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