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What is Ingress?

Ingress transforms the real world into the landscape for a game of mystery, intrigue, and competition. Augmented reality and mobile device GPS combine to create a world within the natural world, where players explore and check-in to real locations. 

Like most augmented reality games, Ingress can involve a decent amount of real-world travel, and can be a lot more fun. It is also heavily social, with unmoderated chat and game mechanics which encourage players to form geographically-connected teams. 

Ingress stories lines and lore are  in-depth, which encourages deeper investment in the game and setting. This makes Ingress somewhat difficult for casual play, as the team-building, lore, and physical travel requirements can be limiting for casual players. 

Larger cities and more densely-populated areas are probably more fun settings for Ingress than rural areas, where the distance to "portals" can be shorter.

Is Ingress safe for my kids?

Ingress is safe for kids but is best when played with a parent accompanying, or in groups for safety purposes. Ingress offers in-app purchases, so parents may want consider setting up parental controls before kids use the app.

The app has an unmoderated chat feature, which may contain inappropriate language and content.

Augmented reality games are a great way to get kids outside and connecting with like-minded peers. Parents may want to discuss a safety rule first in order to make Ingress safe for children. 

Ingress is most fun when played with local teams, can present safety issues. In-game chat is unmoderated, and Ingress players will regularly have to congregate in known public areas. This could present opportunities for harassment or unsafe public interactions. Ingress is safest when played with a parent, or in local, previously-connected groups, to mitigate potential safety issues.

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