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Export Messages is an iOS-specific app that allows users to easily save and/or export their text message histories. While the Export Messages app only works on iOS devices, users are able to export messages to either a Mac or PC. Rated for users of all ages, Export Messages is available to download in the App Store for $4.99.

About Export Messages - Save Print Backup Recover SMS
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What is Export Messages - Save Print Backup Recover SMS?

The Export Messages app helps iPhone users save and/or export all text messages, audio messages, images, photos, videos and other attachments. Users can export and save files to their Mac or PC, directly from their iMessage app. A paid app, Export Messages does not contain advertisements or offer any in-app purchases, after the initial purchase of $4.99.


Users will also also appreciate the fact that Export Messages supports iOS10.2 encrypted backups, and the app has the ability to export or save messages without compromising a user’s security.


Those users downloading the Export Messages app for legal purposes will appreciate the fact that iMessage streams are exported with timestamps. Users may also filter the messages they wish to export by contact and date range, or can select a specific phone number or numbers to export (or export all messages and contacts at one time).


The Export Messages app requires a three step process for users to successfully export SMS messages or message history from their iPhone to their supporting Mac or PC. 

Is Export Messages - Save Print Backup Recover SMS safe for my kids?

Parents will appreciate the fact that the Export Messages app can be used to print out text message interactions for legal issues (such as cyberbullying or sexting cases), as well as to download and backup onto a computer, in order to create space on a user’s iPhone. This app is safe for kids, though adults and parents may find it more useful.

The Export Messages app can also be used to transfer and save messages to a computer, prior to getting a new iPhone, so that interactions and message threads are not lost in the transfer.

Parents should know that the Export Messages app requires users to download supporting software to their desktop, in order to be able to export files between iPhone and Mac/PC; users must also have iTunes on their computer, in order to successfully use the Export Messages app, especially important if users are attempting an iPhone to PC file transfer.

One thing that sets Export Messages apart from many other apps in the marketplace is the support users receive with the app. Not only does the developer’s site feature a support area, which provides detailed user guides to streamline the user experience, but many users have included customer support in positive reviews.

Users report receiving real-time or virtual real-time responses from customer service, in addition to help troubleshooting their PCs (to support the transfer and download of files via supporting software).

Again, it’s important to note that the Export Messages app requires a software download for the tandem computer, making the mobile app only one part of a two part system. This is definitely something parents should consider, when weighing their message export options.

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