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About Hype - Interactive Live Video
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What is Hype - Interactive Live Video?

Hype is a live streaming video app that allows viewers to comments and interact with the live streamer. 

Anyone can download the app onto their mobile device, push a button, and start streaming live video to their friends and fan base. Broadcasters can integrate graphics, music, and video to create a recognizable show and gain a following. 

Viewers can share, discuss, and cast votes for broadcasts they like, with broadcasters able to respond in real-time. Made by Vine's original co-founders, Hype sets itself apart by enabling users to produce a richer multimedia experience, with animated backgrounds and the ability to mix existing content, music, and live comments into their streams. 

Is Hype - Interactive Live Video safe for my kids?

Hype is safe for mature teenagers, but parents may want to talk to their kids about online privacy before using the app. 

The live commenting feature may present an opportunity for cyberbullying and harassment. Parents may want to keep an eye out for the warning signs of cyberbullying. 

Users need to sign into Hype through either Twitter or Facebook. This could present a privacy risk if they go by their full name on Facebook because Hype uses the Facebook name as the user name.

Hype's terms state that it's only for users over the age of thirteen and the app requires parental permission for all users under the age of eighteen. Parents have complained that there is no clear way to delete a Hype account, and that while the app allows users to report offensive content, there is no text area to describe the problem.

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