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Grand Theft Auto III is a gaming app, and serves as the 10th anniversary mobile edition in the popular Grand Theft Auto series of console games. It's available for iOS and Android devices and can be purchased for $4.99. Rated for mature users, ages 17 years and older, Grand Theft Auto III is not a game meant for children.

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What is Grand Theft Auto III?

Grand Theft Auto III is available for both iOS and Android devices and can be purchased for $4.99. Rated for mature users, ages 17 years and older, Grand Theft Auto III is not safe for children.


Originally released for consoles in 2001, Grand Theft Auto III is really a novelty game for fans of the series, as touchscreen controls make the game a bit clunky to navigate and play (when compared to the console version with hand-held controllers).


Players familiar with the console versions of Grand Theft Auto games will appreciate the mobile edition’s use of maps, especially when navigating through Liberty City (a mock New York City).


What may get frustrating, however, are the controls, which make shooting and hand fighting difficult to navigate, though not impossible, but not as easy as playing with a game controller.


From a mature or adult gamer perspective, Grand Theft Auto III allows players to wax nostalgic, and play a popular game on mobile.


The graphics are pretty close to the original (meaning, realistic for early 2000s, but nothing like what is out there today), and players can revisit some of their favorite game features including radio stations with music and ad play were a hit when the games debuted.


The price point of Grand Theft Auto III, at $4.99, is a steal to be able to play a favorite game from yesteryear anywhere they go.

Is Grand Theft Auto III safe for my kids?

With a mature rating, parents should be aware that Grand Theft Auto III is a game for adults, and is questionable at that. It is not safe for kids.

A part of the Grand Theft Auto family of games, parents should know that gang violence, graphic violence, profane language, drug references, sexual content, blood and gore feature heavily here, not to mention that the game centers solely around illegal activities.

Parents unfamiliar with the Grand Theft Auto series of games, should know that each game is like a soap opera, or crime movie, in which players participate.

In this storyline, the main character returns, after being injured in a failed bank robbery. Bent on getting revenge, and continuing to work up the ladder of Liberty City’s underworld, players navigate through the city (stealing cars, of course), completing missions along the way.

While not as controversial now, as it was when it was released, not much about the game has changed, making it unsuitable for children. There is no way of avoiding adult and violent content in Grand Theft Auto III, from the music played on car radio stations, to the main character choosing from his weapon arsonal to dispatch a rival or enemy.

Players can run over pedestrians, flee from police (and even shoot them), and are rewarded with flying bodies and blood spatters. Yes, it’s obviously animated, and definitely not as realistic as today’s games, but the premise is enough for parents to be concerned.

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