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Cliffhanger - Chat Stories is a chat gaming app where a story is presented in the form of an SMS chat and where users can help determine the way the story unfolds. This app is rated for ages 13 years of age or older, is free to download, but offers in-app purchases and in-app advertisements.

About Cliffhanger - Chat Stories
In-App Purchases

What is Cliffhanger - Chat Stories?

Users should be aware that Cliffhanger - Chat Stories is free to use, but it’s a paywall app, meaning they will only be able to see so much, before access is limited and they're required to pay. While the app may be free to download, users must choose a subscription plan for full access to chat stories.


For examples, Cliffhanger stories are told in text message or chat form, and characters in the stories will often send an image or a video within the chat. In order for readers to access those additional features, they must have a subscription. Subscription rates are as follows: $2.99 per week, $7.99 per month, or $39.99 for the year.


While Cliffhanger touts an interactive feature, similar to "choose your own adventure" books, parents should be aware that players must pay to be able to have alternate story experiences. Gems are the currency in Cliffhanger, and can be purchased in packages ranging in price from $0.99 to $99.99.

With new stories added weekly, subscribers don't need to worry about running out of new mysteries and thrillers. Common users complaints, however, come from those users attempting to play the app without a subscription.


According to users, many of the videos and pictures within conversations lend themselves to the story, or reveal key elements, thus leaving gaping holes for those trying to follow along without a subscription plan.

Is Cliffhanger - Chat Stories safe for my kids?

Cliffhanger - Chat Stories is rated for users ages 13 years and older and is safe for teens to use. However, parents should be aware that Cliffhanger, like most paywall apps, can be extremely frustrating for users attempting to play without a subscription. 

In addition to blurring pictures and locking videos, players must also wait for additional story material to be unlocked, which occurs every 14 minutes. However, Cliffhanger does allow users to watch video ads to proceed with their story, but this is not an unlimited option and eventually those users will need to pay to proceed.

In essence, the Cliffhanger app offers itself for free to get players to download the app, but then makes the app virtually impossible to enjoy without paying.

Content is another issues parents should be aware of with the Cliffhanger app. Some parents may be concerned that the entire premise of Cliffhanger revolves around voyeurism, in that each story is comprised of a chat conversation between characters.

Advertising "Suspenseful Thrillers" and "Unexpected Endings", it’s obvious there’s an air of mystery to the stories, drawing in readers. However, how many parents want their 13-year old reading a story captioned “After a one-night stand, Jessica begins to crave blood”?

With dating, sex and love stories at the forefront, the Cliffhanger app is more appropriate for older teens, rather than the younger kids.

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