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What is Google Allo?

Google Allo is a new social networking and messaging app from Google. Billed as a “smart messaging app,” users use stickers, emojis, drawings, and text to communicate and interact with their circle of friends.


Allo includes Google Assistant, which helps users find places nearby and answer questions within the conversation feed. Automatic replies for common messages are automatically suggested to the user, such as “Sounds great, thanks” or “I'll get back to you on that”.


Google Allo is being developed by Google iOS and Android devices, with a web extension that allows it use in the Chrome for Android web browser. It was first released on September 21, 2016. What makes Allo different from other free messaging apps is its use of phone numbers, rather than social media profiles, to identify users, and its incorporation of Google's machine learning and data analysis algorithms in the form of a virtual assistant.


This virtual assistant can provide directions, recommendations, and other information relevant to the conversation, even suggesting automatic replies based on analysis of its users' conversation history. End-to-end encryption of messages is also an option, but is disabled by default.


Privacy was originally a strong selling point for this application, with its developers stating that messages were stored for a very limited time and with all identifying information removed. This position was gradually withdrawn, however, in order to further develop the capabilities of the virtual assistant included with the Allo mobile app.

Is Google Allo safe for my kids?

The Allo app is safe for children over the age of thirteen. Parents should be aware that the Assistant portion of this app requires extensive permissions, including access to the device's contact list and the user's physical location; this could possibly allow third parties to physically locate your child without your knowledge or consent. 

Web searches completed within the app are not filtered or subject to parental control, which can unintentionally expose your child to inappropriate content. 

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  • Reba L.

    Pretty harmless but my kids prefer texting or Whatsapp for messaging instead since more of their friends use that