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About First Then Visual Schedule
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What is First Then Visual Schedule?

First-Then Visual Schedule is an affordable, user-friendly, and designed for caregivers to provide positive behavior support. The schedules are designed for individuals with communication needs, developmental delays, or autism spectrum disorders in order to provide a more structured environment.

First-then schedules presents what the caregiver and child need to do now (first) and what we will do next (then).  This can be represented with pictures, in writing, or even physical objects depending on the needs of the individual. 

The First-Then Visual Schedule can also be used for behavior support, presenting the second activity as a reward or reinforcement for completing the required task.

Parents can create a schedule using audio, visual, and text elements, with a multitude of formatting options, to find the best fit for their child. The app is meant to help increase independence and lower anxiety during transitions and help children through different activities.

Is First Then Visual Schedule safe for my kids?

First-Then is absolutely safe for kids and can be beneficial for children with special needs or developmental delays. Users have the ability to create and share an individual's schedule via the app, and share it among their caregivers. 

This application can help parents and caregivers maintain consistency between environments by mirroring scheduling and behavior support tools at home and at school.

First-Then allows schedules to be created “on the go” and customized to the needs of the individual, showing daily events or detailing the steps needed to complete a specific activity.

Both text and video tutorials are available on the developer's site and via the First-Then Visual Schedule app to help caregivers and parents get started with the app.

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