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About OctoPie – a GAME SHAKERS App
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What is OctoPie – a GAME SHAKERS App?

OctoPie is an arcade-style gaming app, spun off of the hit Nickelodeon show, Game Shakers. Players assume the role of a pizza-delivering octopus, driving his delivery van, with a slingshot on the roof, around a city full of high-rise apartment complexes. 

Players ride in a pizza delivery truck, with a slingshot on top, and navigate through city streets to their first delivery address. Green dots mark the road in which players travel, while red dots denote an area that is not yet unlocked to play. 

Once the octopus arrives at a delivery, the octopus acts as the slingshot band, with pizza in tentacle. Players use a tracking line to aim at customers  in their apartment windows, in order to deliver their pizzas. Each customer is assigned a point value, and successful pizza slings are rewarded with dollar, which serve as the game currency.

OctoPie is extremely fast-paced, and players that are too slow will face angry customers and slammed windows. Once three customers become angry, the round of play is ended. 

At the end of each round, the octopus launches at the building and players must navigate his path down the side of the building to collect customer tips along the way. The tips collected are then added to the dollars earned through that round’s successful pizza slinging delivery dollars, and the amount is tallied.

Is OctoPie – a GAME SHAKERS App safe for my kids?

OctoPie is safe for kids. The game is rated for players 4 years and older, and was created for players ages 9 to 11 years old. 

As chaotic as crustaceans and crusts may sound, parents can expect the OctoPie game to present chaos, loud music and sound effects that children love. Parents will appreciate the settings option to turn off sounds and music.

OctoPie is a fast-paced, fun game for kids that poses no concerns for parents in terms of content. The app does feature ads, which offsets the costs of the free app. Perhaps the only concern parents may have is that OctoPie has the potential to become hours of mindless entertainment.

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OctoPie – a GAME SHAKERS App Parent Rating


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