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Followers & Likes Tracker is an app used to track Instagram interaction and analytics for their account. The Followers & Likes Tracker app is only available for iOS devices, and is free to download and use, but users may benefit from the additional functionality that comes with upgrading to a monthly subscription for the service.

About Followers & Likes Tracker
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What is Followers & Likes Tracker?

Followers & Likes Tracker is an app meant to be used in tandem with Instagram to analyze platform activity. Users can track any and all Instagram interaction with the Followers & Likes Tracker app, using the analytics to inform future posts.


As the name suggests, the Followers & Likes Tracker app provides detailed analytics for Instagram accounts, such as the number of likes and follows an account receives, as well as the number of people who have unfollowed an account.


Having access to detailed Instagram activity can help guide social media influencers and brands in creating and posting content that delivers. For example, brands can track post engagement to help determine what types of posts do well with their audience, in addition to providing valuable insight into posts that are not received well.


Keep in mind that those users who wish to see who has unfollowed their account, or who their so-called Instagram stalkers are, will need to have a paid account to access the information.

Despite the high app store rating, the Followers & Likes Tracker app possesses a decent amount of user complaints.


Common complaints include inaccurate information being tracked, the unfollow option through the app not actually unfollowing those accounts on the Instagram platform, and complaints regarding the need to subscribe to the app to access any real, detailed information. 


Additional user complaints include glitches, long load times and freezing. 

Is Followers & Likes Tracker safe for my kids?

While the Followers & Likes Tracker app is rated for everyone, the fact that it’s used to track Instagram stats implies that users will be at least 13 years of age or older, as per Instagram’s terms of service.

This is a great app for social influencers, social media managers and brands, and even though it's technically safe for kids, it's not recommended for children.

The Follower & Likes Tracker app, while free, only gives detailed information if a user subscribes to the app. Subscriptions are available through in-app purchase and cost either $4.99 monthly or $19.99 for a one year subscription.

This app seems to be marketing to younger and less professional users, with follower designations that include: Best friends, Secret admirers, Ghost followers, and Stalkers.

Undoubtedly, parents will take issue with secret admirers and stalker designations, but good luck finding out the criteria for each of those terms, as that information can’t be found anywhere, and despite being asked repeatedly, the developers are silent on the matter.

So, while the Followers & Likes Tracker app poses no potential issues, in terms of content or age requirements, the fact that a child would want to use such a specific tracker for their Instagram analytics is troubling.

Using an app like this tracker can help feed into a teen’s social media anxiety, and encourage an unhealthy habit of, not only checking social media often, but of tying in feelings of self worth with social media statistics and outcomes.

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