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Call Recorder is an app, specifically for iPhone users, that records both incoming and outgoing phone calls. The Call Recorder app is rated for users of all ages and is free to download and use, but does feature in-app purchases.

About RecMyCalls - Call Recorder App
In-App Purchases

What is RecMyCalls - Call Recorder App?

The Call Recorder for iPhone app is an app that allows users to easily record both incoming and outgoing phone calls, packaging them into easily shareable files directly after a phone call has ended.


Rated for everyone, the Call Recorder advertises itself as free in the App Store, and it is free to download, but is actually a paid app. Call Recorder gives users the option to begin using the app through a free trial, after which users will be charged $4.99 monthly.


In order to use the Call Recorder app, users must have a mobile carrier with a conference call feature, as phone conversations are recorded via conference call system.


It’s a good idea for users to check with their carrier prior to subscribing to the app. Because the app uses a conference call system, users must initiate all calls, that they wish to record, through the Call Recorder app.


To use the Call Recorder app, users simply enter the phone number of the person they wish to call, directly from the app, and wait until the option to merge calls is initiated. Users should note that there will be a slight lag between the time the call is initiated and when the merge call feature becomes available.


Call Recorder will then sound an audible beep, to let the user know that it is about to begin recording. The Call Recorder app also features a call timer prominently on the screen, alerting users to both the length of the call and that the call is actively being recorded.


Once a Call Recorder user completes their phone call by hanging up, the call recording file is available. Users can share their call recordings with other devices, export to other apps, as well as to rename their recordings for more specific identification.


It’s important to note that users are unable to record calls when their subscription has expired, but the Call Recorder app does allow users to listen to prior call recording files.

Is RecMyCalls - Call Recorder App safe for my kids?

This Call Recorder app can quickly become a slippery slope, especially in terms of cyberbullying and harassment. For this reason, it is not safe for kids.

Much like party lines during the 1980s and 90s, during which one or more parties could silently hide on a phone call, while others talked on the phone, the Call Recorder app can potentially be used by teens to set them up or bully others.

And while it is legal to record phone conversations under Federal Law, the active use of an app such as this by a minor is suspect, at the very least.

For researchers or journalists, who frequently conduct phone interviews, the Call Recorder for iPhone app is a relatively inexpensive option.

However, there aren’t many reasons why a child would need to record their phone calls, so parents may want to inquire about this if they come across either the app or the subscription charge on their child’s account.

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