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About Flamingo - More Friends, Views for Snapchat, Kik
In-App Purchases
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What is Flamingo - More Friends, Views for Snapchat, Kik?

Flamingo is a friend-finder app used with Snapchat and Kik that allows users to generate social media connections. 

Rated for mature users, 17 years or older, Flamingo allows users can gain friends, start conversations, and video chat with their Flamingo connections. 

The in-app video chat function that can also be used to randomly connect with other people on the app. Flamingo users can add friends on the app and boost their profile through in-app purchases to generate friends more quickly.

Flamingo users create a profile and can use hashtags to make themselves more searchable to other users. 

Meant to connect people on other social media platforms, a Flamingo profile features photos of the user, as well as their Snapchat, Kik, and Instagram accounts. Including links to social media makes it easy for users to follow each other on their various social accounts.

Users can search members by usernames, self descriptions and common interests by using hashtags. Flamingo users are able to use filters for a more targeted search of other members, setting filters for age, gender, location by city, and sexual orientation. 

Is Flamingo - More Friends, Views for Snapchat, Kik safe for my kids?

Flamingo is not safe for kids. Flamingo uses location data to match users with others nearby and there is a heavy emphasis placed on appearance, which may not be appropriate for kids and young teens.

Flamingo’s in-app video chat feature may be concerning to parents. Not only can teens video chat with strangers, but the app has a random match feature that arbitrarily connects members for video chats. Because the app is rated 17+, it’s very likely that a 17-year-old can be matched with an adult.

Flamingo encourages users to place importance on social media statistics. Users can pay to have their profiles boosted, which increases their number of “friends” through Flamingo (the app does not guarantee more friends by boosting a profile).

The Flamingo app is free to download, but features many in-app purchase opportunities. The app offers a subscription-based membership at a hefty $19.99 per month, allowing those members full access to the site. 

Users may opt for a 7-day free trial of the VIP membership, but should be sure to cancel prior to their account being charged, as Flamingo terms state that all purchases are final.

Users who do choose to subscribe to Flamingo should know that their membership auto-renews, so they must cancel their membership at the precise time of renewal. The app does not allow subscriptions to be canceled during an active membership period. 

Additional in-app purchases come in the form of coin packages, the app’s currency, ranging in price from $2.99 to $59.99.

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Flamingo - More Friends, Views for Snapchat, Kik Parent Rating

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  • Kyle L.

    My teens aren't allowed to use any apps that connect them to strangers. Definitely not safe.