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About First Words for Baby
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What is First Words for Baby?

First Words for Baby is a fun app that helps introduce toddlers to words for common everyday objects they encounter while exploring the world using bright animations and engaging music.

The First Words for Baby app uses flashcards to teach words in eleven different categories, including pets, bedtime, and food.  

High-definition, beautiful images are paired with professional pronunciation to keep your child engaged, along with fun animations and realistic sounds.

Is First Words for Baby safe for my kids?

First Words for Baby is absolutely safe for kids. All content in this app is appropriate for children of all ages. The First Words for Baby app holds great educational value for young children, and is incredibly easy for toddlers to navigate.

While the First Words for Baby app is easy enough for toddlers to navigate on their own, it is better for children to enjoy this app with their parents as a group activity. This will not only better reinforce the lesson taught by this app, but help provide a balanced and socially engaged learning environment for your child.

Electronic and screen-based entertainment becomes unhealthy when it begins to displace real-world exploration and face-to-face social interaction. 

So long as your child is able to maintain a balance of developmentally healthy activities, using this application to support their education is perfectly safe.

Only one category is available in the free version of this app. Kids are blocked from adjusting any of the settings or purchasing the full version of the app. 

If a child attempts to make an in-app purchase, a screen pops up saying “Grown Ups Only,” and parents are asked to enter a series of numbers before they can access that screen.

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