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BrainPOP ELL is an app designed to help non-English speaking children learn the English language with animated movies and different lessons. The app is free to download, but full access to all lessons is offered for a price. BrainPOP ELL is available in the iTunes app store and Google Play store.

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What is BrainPOP ELL?

BrainPOP ELL is an educational app with a fun, engaging way for users to learn English in a conversational, contextual manner. The app uses animated movies of everyday situations, different exercises, and games to teach a more conversational English to students of 3 different levels of experience.


Lessons include the videos of everyday situations, practices, flashcards, and more to help teach and reinforce the concepts. The three levels breakdown on an experience based scale, level one being for those with no prior experience, level two for those with a growing understanding, and level three for those with some mastery of the language.


Each level includes 30 lessons in a step-by-step process to help build a foundation of understanding, then building upon that foundation with each successive lesson.


The free version includes 18 total lessons across all levels of experience. To buy a full level with the full 30 lessons will cost $24.99 per level, or users could buy full access to all levels for $59.99.


These purchases will also carry over to the web version of BrainPOP ELL, where users can continue their lessons on a desktop or laptop. Really, the free version will not accomplish the goal of teaching English, but will allow potential learners to experience the way that BrainPOP ELL works, and whether it suits their learning style.


Reviews are mixed – users generally agree that the learning program itself works very well and is a very robust curriculum for learning English, but there are a number of complaints about the app version crashing far too often, which is a problem that will hopefully be fixed with an update.

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Is BrainPOP ELL safe for my kids?

The BrainPOP ELL educational app is safe for kids. It is designed to teach English to non-English speaking children in an engaging and conversational way, and does so with cute animated videos about everyday situations.

The main concern for parents would be the presence of in-app purchases, but these purchases are necessary for the BrainPOP ELL program to accomplish its stated purpose.

The free version is more of a trial, so parents and kids can see if the program is a good fit. That said, it is important that parents discuss ground rules for making in-app purchases or downloads without a parent’s permission.

The BrainPOP ELL program offers the benefit of a well-designed, robust English language education for non-English speakers, which is obviously very important in everyday life.

Parents might need to take time to help kids along the way, watching the videos and playing the games with them, and generally playing a role in the educational process.

The app is best for the younger age group for which it was designed, as the animations and games are oriented toward children.

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