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About Bible App for Kids
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What is Bible App for Kids?

Bible App for Kids is an engaging introduction to many of the most central stories of the Christian Bible, taking children on an interactive and kid-friendly tour through the Old and New Testaments. Children can read along, listen to audio narration and songs, or review what they have learned through memory games and art-related activities. It is a popular tool for religious education in the wired world.

The Bible App for Kids was developed by YouVersion, in partnership with One Hope, and launched in late 2013. YouVersion is most widely known for its Bible App, an online Bible reading and study platform for Android, iOS, and several other platforms. The “adult” Bible App features 1,492 versions of the Bible in over a thousand languages, with extensions for Amazon Alexa, and audio narration for the most popular editions. 

The Bible App for Kids was initially only available in six languages, but has expanded to twenty-four. Full versions are available in:

English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Polish, Tagalog, Indonesian, Afrikaans, Russian, Turkish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Hindi, Thai, Romanian,  Arabic, Farsi, and Urdu.

The Bible App for Kids is free. Development is supported by Life.Church, a member of the Evangelical Covenant Church, one of the most rapidly growing Christian denominations in North America.

Is Bible App for Kids safe for my kids?

The Bible App for Kids is safe for children and is designed to be most effective for kids between the ages of five and eight. Even the most challenging Bible stories are told in a way that is accessible and child-safe, without losing too much in translation.

Children will need a basic familiarity with touchscreen electronic devices in order to make the best use of this app. Navigation is touch and swipe-based, and instructions are clearly presented with visual and verbal prompts for preliterate children and early readers.

There are no in-app purchases, advertisements, or other typical risk factors to be concerned about with the Bible App for kids, and their privacy practices are refreshingly clear. No personal information is sold or otherwise transmitted to third parties, and what systems permissions the app does require are explained in plain language.

This app requests account access to enable push notifications, read/write access to your device's SD card in order to store downloaded stories for later reading, and uses an internal analytics package to see which stories are most and least engaging for kids to guide further development. This analytics information is not personally identifiable; the app only tracks which passages and activities are most popular overall.

Parents have complained about a lack of racial diversity in the cartoon renderings of Bible characters within the app, which depicts most characters as belonging to a single race.

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