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Fingle Free is the free version of Fingle, a two-player puzzle app built for the iPad. Players work together to drag the squares to their corresponding targets, often ending with a tangle of fingers on the screen. Fingle Free is rated for users 9 and up, and costs $1.99 to download from the iTunes app store.

About Fingle Free
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What is Fingle Free?

Fingle Free is a trial version of Fingle, an iPad puzzle app that is similar to the classic game Twister. Users cooperate on one screen to match and hold a number of squares of two differing colors to the corresponding targets.


Two hands and any number of fingers end up intertwined as players drag the squares across the screen, sometimes colliding, sometimes twisting together in comical knots, and finally succeeding in holding the square to the target and advancing to the next stage.


Fingle is designed to spark romance between the players, and some of the gestures users have to make to complete puzzles are mildly suggestive. Fingle Free is rated for players ages 9 and older for mild and infrequent mature themes.


The game is available for iPad users only, and the free version includes over a dozen levels. Users can also opt to buy the full version of the Fingle app, which costs to download from the iTunes app store and includes over 130 levels.


Reviewers are contrasted about Fingle Free, with some rating 5 stars and praising the game as one of the most fun they have played, and some who really dislike it. The average review score for 7 reviews in the iTunes review section is 2.1 out of 5.

Is Fingle Free safe for my kids?

Fingle Free is a safe gaming app for kids. The game is rated 9+ due to infrequent, mild mature themes, which is reference to the fact that the game is meant to facilitate flirting.

However, for younger kids and siblings, Fingle Free provides a trial library of entertaining puzzles for them to work together to solve. One reviewer did comment that there were some suggestive gestures that users had to make to complete puzzles, which is certainly a concern.

Also, with the free version, it is important to keep in mind that there is the option to buy an upgrade. Parents should have a conversation with kids about asking permission before making in-app purchases.

All things considered, Fingle does have a certain purpose, and that is to provide a game that encourages flirting between people, but it can double as an app that encourages cooperation and problem-solving while being a great time.