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About Equestria Girls
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What is Equestria Girls?

The Equestria Girls app is a multiplayer online game based in the Equestria Girls world, an offshoot of My Little Pony. 

Equestria Girls is an interactive app that includes friendship games, slumber parties, space games, food games, customizable fashions, and character interaction.

The Equestria Girls mobile app also interacts with Equestria Girls toys with a horseshoe symbol on the package. Users can scan these toys to unlock playable characters and accessories. While the game is playable without buying the toys, it would take substantially longer to make the same amount of progress by earning in-game currency.

Coins can be found as in-game treasure or earned in challenges; establishing connections with other players is also rewarded with in-game currency. Upgrades and other options unlock as characters advance in the game.

Is Equestria Girls safe for my kids?

Equestria Girls is safe for children, and the app was rated E for Everyone by the ESRB. 

The Equestria Girls app promotes its in-app purchases to kids, structuring the game so that it's possible to advance without purchasing toys or in-game currency, but not nearly as much fun. 

Parents may want to consider playing clear expectations about in-app purchases with your child, and consider disabling them on your device before installing the game. If your child is particularly vulnerable to consumerism and marketing pressure, consider skipping Equestria Girls.

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