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About City Builders: Build Your Town
In-App Purchases

What is City Builders: Build Your Town?

City Builders – Build Your Town is a mobile game from TabTale, one of the largest developers of mobile and tablet games for children. Users combine ingredients to build a candy-themed town, growing it into a city while keeping its residents happy and the budget balanced. 

Children can build multiple towns in City Builders, saving progress and returning to their projects desired, as well as track the “recipes” they've discovered in a personal Builder's Guide. 

Developers offer daily tasks and challenges which can be completed to earn rewards and additional construction options. 

The ingredient-based building system provides a layer of experimentation and creativity which increases the replay value of the City Builders game by adding the potential for applying new discoveries to improving old projects. 

TabTale is one the the most prolific game development companies on the Google Play store, with hundreds of millions of downloads across dozens an impressive list of titles. 

City Builders is a representative TabTale title, with attractive thematic art, solid mechanics, and a lot of replay value. Like all its titles, the City Builder mobile game is released on the freemium model – users can install the game for free, later purchasing upgrades or viewing advertisements for additional features. 

The company is committed to not offering titles with potentially unlimited in-app purchasing, however, and its CEO has pegged the maximum possible cost of playing a TabTale title like City Builders at $4.99.

Other TabTale titles for young children include Spa Day with Daddy, Messy Baby, New Girl in High School, and Unicorn Food.

Is City Builders: Build Your Town safe for my kids?

While the City Builders game is safe for children, this app does contain in-app advertising and prompts to purchase the full game. Some of these ads are for other TabTale titles, but many are hosted by external ad networks and not subject to rating by the ESRB. Some of these ads contain mildly sexually suggestive imagery or references to gambling.

Parents can remove these ads by purchasing a full version of the City Builders game for $4.99. Otherwise, it is recommended that parents talk to their children about how to skip or ignore ads. 

If your child encounters offensive or otherwise inappropriate content within City Builders via the game's in-app advertising, parents are encouraged to report this to the developer for review.

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